App Marketing Trends

Naming Your App Right: The Hacks and Ways

If you are a business owner who’s initiated an app idea or an app developer, we just know that you've invested a lot of time in perfecting its functionalities and that the app is ready to take over ..

February 2, 2018
Posted By Merrick Brian
7 Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing that You Should..

You’ve developed an app that is probably one of the best in the industry, will get a lot of applause from critics and users, and probably would propel your business forward. But a good app needs bri..

August 29, 2017
Posted By Heena Mahant
The Role of Content in a Mobile App

Developing a powerful mobile app requires not only a good set of developers and designers but a lot more than that. In order to make sure that you have a state of the art mobile app ready for your bus..

August 16, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana Suneja
7 Best Instagram Hacks for Your Restaurant

Brinker International owned restaurant Chili’s revamped the look of their dishes back in 2015 to perfect it for a social media appearance. Gone are the days when dining out was a simple ride to the ..

March 24, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana Suneja
How Your App can Show Up in the Play Store?

Launching your app? Learn the best ways you can improve your app’s visibility and increase downloads. The day has come when you’re ready to harvest the fruits of your hard work. You’ve put your..

February 24, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madaan
Is your Mobile App following the right Content Str..

Every single day, more than a hundred business owners decide to towards a mobile app to enhance their business and every single year, we see about 3 million apps make their debut in the techno world. ..

February 13, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana Suneja
6 Killer App Marketing Ideas for 2017

2016; the year closes its gate; a new dawn awaits and here we are with 6 killer app marketing ideas for 2017! With just a few days left to go to bid a bye to 2016, opportunity waits on the other side ..

January 9, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana Suneja
Promote Your Restaurant with these 6 Awesome Marke..

The restaurant business is always in search of fetching new good customers. Does not mean you have the best menu on the platter will make every night a filled one at your restaurant. People need to be..

December 10, 2016
Posted By Jeta Sharma
Add Value to Your Business With our Loyalty Progra..

For a business to acquire new customer it requires 5 to 10 times more cost and effort than to sell products or services to an existing consumer. On an average over 67% of existing customers in a busin..

September 23, 2016
Posted By Rohit Madaan
Improve Your Visibility with Grocery Store App

With the increase in smartphone usage and evolving technological innovations, we humans are mostly dependent on apps for catering to our daily needs. Today from shopping garments online, recharging, p..

September 7, 2016
Posted By Ritika Jatana Suneja
Increase Revenue for Your eCommerce Store with Val..

The mobile medium has been the most crucial one for e-commerce stores for earning revenue and for reaching out to a broader user base. Research shows from the year 2014 to 2015, mobile generated e-com..

September 1, 2016
Posted By Jeta Sharma
Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for Your Grocery Sto..

Do you think your grocery shop is engaging customers through amazing marketing strategies? Did your companys sale show any signs of a boost recently? Is your grocery store mobile application customer ..

August 4, 2016
Posted By Rohit Madaan
Generate Traffic and Drive Sales With The Mobile A..

Mobile applications have attracted plenty of attention from customers in a short span of time. The business and sales have experienced a great boost. These mobile applications have made life of custom..

August 2, 2016
Posted By Alice Blake
Sell More Products with FB Widget & Mobile Ap..

When we make up our minds to offer a particular product or service to the world the first technique of promotion we opt for is the social media. Social media sites like Facebook offers tools and widge..

July 27, 2016
Posted By Alice Blake
Get Empowered for Your Next App – Essentials..

The era of the mobile app was launched to resonate your company & ideas. But the second generation of mobile apps is maturing into a virtual cash machine. Brands monetize the power of apps and rea..

July 11, 2016
Posted By Jeta Sharma