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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating an Innovative Employment Platform

October 19, 2023 Amrita Singh
Creating an Innovative Employment Platform

In today’s dynamic job market, job boards play a pivotal role in connecting job seekers with employers. Platforms like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter have become household names, simplifying the job search process for millions of people worldwide. But have you ever considered creating your own custom job board? 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey from the initial concept to the successful launch of your own job board, tailored to your specific niche or location. You’ll gain insights into every aspect of the process, from selecting the right features to implementing effective marketing and monetization strategies. 

General Features for the Recruitment Platform

Your platform must include the necessary features and functionalities to create a recruitment app that stands out in the competition and engages the right target audience. From the job seeker app to the employer and admin platform, there should be basic and advanced features for the smooth functioning of the apps.

1. Features of Job Seeker App

Features of A Job Seeker App Platform - ValueAppz

  • Job Search: Easily search for jobs based on keywords, location, salary, and company.
  • Advanced Filters: Refine job searches with filters such as location, salary range, tags, keywords, role, department, education, and industry.
  • Job Alerts: Receive notifications when new job openings matching criteria become available.
  • Job Save: Bookmark jobs for future reference and quick access.
  • Resume Creation: Create and manage jobseeker profiles or resumes.
  • Employer Communication: Communicate with employers via an in-app chat feature.
  • Application Tracking: Keep track of job applications and the communication between job seekers and employers.
  • Submitting a Job Application: This crucial stage represents the final decision in the job-seeking process, where an applicant formally applies for a position.

2. Features of Employer App

  • Job Posting: Easily post job openings, including keywords and pre-defined questionnaires for better candidate matching.
  • Resume Search: Utilize agile filters to search and filter candidate applications by keywords, location, experience, skillset, expected salaries, or custom parameters related to the job.
  • Application Tracking System (ATS): Streamline the recruitment process with an ATS, making candidate evaluation and selection easier.
  • Instant Messaging: Enable employers and job seekers to communicate internal messages.
  • Real-time Updates and Conversations: Offer an in-app chat feature for candidates to ask questions and receive real-time updates on interview timings and details.
  • Candidate Availability: Let candidates update their availability calendar with days, hours, and shift patterns for recruiters to select suitable shifts.
  • Personalization for Candidates: Analyze job search patterns and interests to offer candidates suitable positions.
  • Analytics: Offer tracking and measurement of the entire recruitment process, including metrics like recruiting marketing, candidate engagement, time-to-hire, cost-to-hire, applicants-per-source, offer acceptance rate, and hires per recruiter.

3. Admin Panel

Features of Recruitment platform Admin Panel - ValueAppz

  • User Management: Ability to manage and moderate user accounts, job listings, and applications.
  • Content Management: Control over platform content, including text, images, and job categories.
  • Job Listing Management: Oversight of job listings, allowing the admin to review, approve, or reject postings.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Access to data and insights on platform usage, job listings, and user activity.
  • Compliance and Legal: Ensure the platform complies with relevant labor laws and regulations.
  • Email Notifications: Manage and send email notifications to users, including newsletters and system alerts.
  • Customization: Ability to customize the platform’s look and feel, branding, and design.

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Enhancing the Job Search Platform with Additional Features

The above-mentioned are the basic must-have features for the respective apps. To make your recruitment app even more engaging, you need to add some advanced features that help users even more. Some of the additional features that you can include are:

1. Salary Calculator

Empower candidates to estimate their potential salary by factoring in their professional skills, years of experience, and current wages. The algorithm takes these values into account and provides an estimate based on the current market conditions. Notably, this calculator determines the candidate’s gross pay, providing insights before tax deductions.

2. CV Builder

Ideal for both beginners crafting their resumes for the first time and seasoned professionals looking to save time. Offer a range of templates to choose from, allowing users to input their information into the selected template to create a polished and professional CV.

3. Different Levels of CV Privacy (Public, Limited, Private)

Recognize that not all applicants want employers to view their CVs. Implement varying levels of resume privacy, such as public, limited, and private, to provide users with control over who can access their CV information.

In addition to the core features of the job portal platform, it is vital to choose the right monetization strategy to generate revenue with the app. Selecting monetization models that align seamlessly with the platform’s objectives is paramount.

Monetization Strategies for the Job Search Platform

Turning the job search platform into a profitable venture is crucial for long-term success. To maximize the platform’s revenue potential, consider implementing these common monetization models.

1. Listing Fees

Generate revenue by charging employers a fee for listing their job offers on the platform for a specified duration.

2. CV Access Fee

Offer employers the ability to access job seekers’ resumes or a comprehensive database of applicants in exchange for a fee. This model can be particularly lucrative if your platform boasts a substantial number of job seekers.

3. Subscription Fee

Create a subscription-based model where employers pay a monthly fee, granting them the privilege to post an unlimited number of job vacancies during the subscription period.

4. Premium Subscription Fee

Implement a hybrid model that provides both free and premium features to the users. The free features should cater to the fundamental needs of both job seekers and employers, while the premium tier offers advanced functionality at an additional cost. 

5. Pay-Per-Post Job Listings

Charge employers on a per-post basis for job listings, allowing them to pay for each individual job advertisement they create and publish.

6. Premium Job Slots

Offer employers premium job slots that give their listings higher visibility on the platform for a fee. This enhanced exposure increases the chances of attracting top-quality candidates.

7. Employer Branding Profiles

Provide companies with the opportunity to create and showcase enhanced employer branding profiles. Charge a fee for this feature, as it can help employers attract more talent by conveying their company culture and values effectively.

8. Targeted Recruitment Services

Offer specialized recruitment services, such as headhunting or tailored candidate searches, for a premium fee. These services cater to employers seeking specific skills or qualifications in candidates.

9. Contextual Advertising

Implement contextual advertising on the platform. Partner with relevant advertisers to display targeted ads to the users. Revenue is generated based on ad clicks or impressions.

By carefully selecting the right monetization models that align with the platform’s objectives, can create a sustainable and profitable job search platform. 

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Factors Influencing the Cost of Developing Job Board

How much does it cost to build a recruitment platform? The exact price of development depends upon several factors, and these include:

1. Functionality Requirements

The features and functionalities of the job board significantly impact the cost. Basic features may come at a lower cost, while advanced or unique functionalities will increase development expenses. Common features of a job board platform include job posting, candidate profiles, search and filter options, and application management.

2. Development Team’s Hourly Rate

The hourly rate of the development team plays a pivotal role in determining the overall cost. It can vary significantly based on the location of the development team. For instance, India typically offers lower hourly rates compared to the US or Western Europe.

3. Geographic Location

As mentioned, where the development team is located affects the cost. Collaborating with a team in India can be cost-effective while working with teams in the US or Western Europe generally comes with a higher price tag.

4. Estimated Cost

To provide a ballpark estimate, creating a job board will cost between USD 25,000 – 35,000 and the timeline would be around 3 months for the basic functions. when partnering with a development company in India. However, this is a rough estimate and can vary based on the specific business requirements, the features needed, and the hourly rate of the development team.

Ultimately, the final cost will be determined by the unique project scope, priorities, and the specific choices made during the development process. 

Build Your Recruitment App With ValueAppz

In conclusion, creating a job board platform that rivals industry giants involves considering a multitude of factors, from development approaches and functionality requirements to the hourly rates of the development team and their geographic location. While the costs can vary based on these factors, one thing remains constant: the need for a dedicated and experienced partner to bring the vision to life.

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