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How to Create a Car Rental App Like Hertz: A Complete Guide

May 17, 2024 Priya
Build Car Rental App Like Hertz

Quick Summary: Want to build a car rental app like Hertz? It requires a complete step-by-step process to ensure the success of the app. This blog will cover how you can create a car rental app like Hertz and the cost of its development.

Hertz has become a big name in the car rental app industry. This concept is loved by the audience, and the global market is projected to reach a value of USD 116 billion by 2028.
Looking at these numbers, it can be clearly said that investing in the car rental market is a great opportunity for startups and small businesses. For a successful startup, you need to build an app that solves the target audience’s pain points and helps them get quick services.

Hence, building a car rental app like Hertz is one of the greatest solutions. This blog will guide you through how you can make a car app rental like Hertz, how much it costs, and the best car rental app development company.

But why should you develop a car rental app like Hertz? The section below explains the popularity of Hertz through numbers and graphs.

Stats About Hertz Car Rental App

As mentioned above, Hertz is one of the leading car rental platforms. Its services are available in several countries like the USA, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia, and many more. Talking about its target audience, the users are from the age group of 18 to 64 years.
The graph below shows the share of people using the Hertz car rental app in the USA as of December 2023 by age.

Number of People Using Hertz App
Source: Statista


As of 2023, the company earned a revenue of US$ 9.37 billion. Hertz is one of the biggest rental car holding companies in the US with a 36% market share.

With its engaging UI/UX and features, Hertz has become one of the leading names in the car app rental industry.

Car Rental UI/UX Features

Source: GooglePlay

Hence, developing a car rental app like Hertz that includes the necessary features and attractive design can help your startup and small business grab the target audience’s attention.

Car Rental App CTA

Now that you know how Hertz is a popular car rental app, the next section will help you discover the steps to create a similar platform.

Steps to Create A Car Rental App Like Hertz

Building the best car rental app like Hertz requires a step-by-step procedure. From market research to understanding this platform, we have explained each step here.

1. Market Research and Analysis

Before you begin building the app, you will always need to do market research. For instance, you must check if there is an actual demand for it in your country. A report states that the car rental market size is expected to reach $245.1 billion by 2032.

Car Rental Market

Source: GMI Insights

Another report shows the number of users in various countries.

Car Rental Market Demand
Source: Statista


Hence, you must carefully analyze the market demand in order to begin the development process.

2. Define the App’s Requirements and Features

Once you are aware of the demand, the next step towards creating a car rental app like Hertz is identifying and prioritizing essential features. It is through these functionalities that you will be able to provide just the right solutions and engage the users.

Here are the most crucial features you must add in order to build a successful car rental app like Hertz:

  • Reserve a Car- This feature enables the users to quickly reserve a car from across 9,700 locations. The feature is easy to work with and it enables users to immediately look and reserve a car they need.
  • Location Finder- This feature is a tool for finding Hertz locations, letting users to easily locate nearby facilities.
  • Roadside Assistance- The Hertz app also offers access to roadside assistance, ensuring support in case of emergency.
  • Faster Rentals and Easier Bookings- The users can quickly log in to the app using facial recognition or touch ID. They can further access past rental searches and view current rentals.
  • Modify, View, or Cancel Reservations- The app allows customers to modify, view, or cancel existing reservations, enabling them with flexibility and convenience.
  • Parking Locator- The app also enables users to find parking nearby that further gives the ability to locate, compare prices, and reserve parking spots.
  • Access to Gold Plus Rewards- With this feature, users can check and redeem Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards.
  • Vehicle Selection- This feature allows users to browse through a diverse range of vehicles on the app like SUVs, luxury models, and much more

Car Rental App Like Hertz

3. Design the App

Once you have all the features aligned, the third step is to design the app. The app design must be engaging, as a compelling UI design boosts conversions by 200% and UX design by 400%.

You must ensure that the users quickly engage with your car rental app. This process involves creating an intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly interface that covers all essential features for a seamless car rental experience. It includes crafting the layout, navigation, and visual elements to ensure that users can easily browse available vehicles, make reservations, manage bookings, and access support features.

But remember that the app design should be aligned with the brand identity of the car rental services, providing a cohesive and alluring user experience.

4. Consider the Cost to Develop a Car Rental App

Cost is a critical factor to consider when developing a car rental app like Hertz. On average, the cost for a car rental app like Hertz ranges between 10,000- 20,000 USD. The cost can further fluctuate depending on the features, platforms, and your specific business requirements.

5. Hire A Car Rental App Development Company

Finding the right and experienced team is another crucial part of the development process. You may be able to decide the features and design of the app but would need a skilled team for the development process.

For instance, ValueAppz is a leading car rental app development company. We have 200+ certified developers and have helped 500+ clients globally. Our dedicated teams will help you with everything from market research to deciding on the best features, app design, and development.

We design and develop car rental apps with the latest tech stack like React, Node, and Next.js. Our pre-integrations save plenty of time and money for the clients and speed up the development process.

6. QA Testing and Deployment

After the app has been developed, it must go through a complete QA testing process. It will help identify any issues or errors that can then be solved in a timely manner. This process also ensures that the app meets all the user requirements and provides a seamless experience to them.

Once the app is free of any errors, the team will then help you deploy the car rental app on the respective platforms.

7. Support and Maintenance

Your car rental app will always need continuous support and maintenance from the team. For instance, you will be required to add and update the features and functionalities as per the latest trends and user needs. Also, the team will provide an ongoing support post-launch to address any issues and enhance the app’s experience.

ValueAppz- Your Trusted Partner for Car Rental App

As mentioned above, you need an experienced team for car rental app development. Our teams are trained to develop robust car rental applications that meet business requirements.

We focus on creating feature-rich and intuitive apps that engage the users right from the start. Get in touch with our experts for the best car rental app solutions. Book a free consultation today.

Key Takeaways

  • The car rental market, driven by platforms like Hertz, is projected to reach USD 116 billion by 2028. This spells great potential for startups.
  • To succeed, prioritize user needs in your app development. Make services swift and convenient to attract and retain customers.
  • To build a successful car rental app like Hertz, add essential features like reservation, location finder, and roadside assistance.
  • The steps to develop an app like Hertz are market research, defining key features, app design and development, and QA testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I integrate my existing car rental business with a mobile app?

To integrate your existing car rental business with a mobile app, you can collaborate with our skilled team at ValueAppz, where we build user-friendly apps.

Q2. How can I market my car rental app to potential users?

By implementing a robust digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media campaigns, targeted online advertising, and engaging content, you can market your car rental app quickly.

Q3. What technologies are used to develop car rental apps?

Tech stacks like React, Node, and Next.js are the best technologies for building a car rental app. At ValueAppz, we leverage the advantage of the latest tech stack to create an engaging and feature-rich app.

Q4. What features are essential for a car rental app?

Some essential features in a car rental app are location finder, roadside assistance, quick car reservations, view and modify reservations, and vehicle selection.

Q5. How long does it take to develop a car rental app?

On average, developing a car rental app like Hertz can take between 10-12 weeks.

Q6. What is the estimated cost of developing a car rental app?

The estimated cost of developing a car rental app ranges between $10,000 and $20,000. The cost can fluctuate depending on features, app design, platform, and business specifications.



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