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Steps to Build and Launch A Ridesharing App Like BlaBla

June 7, 2024 Amrita Singh
Build a Custom Ridesharing App Like BlaBla

Quick Summary:Want to enter the carpooling app market and grow your brand like BlaBla? Check the blog and discover how to build a rideshare app like BlaBla, its development cost, and essential features to add.

With increasing prices of online taxi booking, the popularity of ridesharing apps is on the rise. Various countries are adopting this concept as it reduces CO2 emissions. On the other hand, users get to travel at a reasonable price as multiple riders share the rides.

BlaBla is one such leading rideshare app that has acquired the market. From its engaging features to practical solutions, BlaBla is available in more than 20 countries.

Are you looking to build an app like BlaBla? Are you confused about the ridesharing app development cost? As a startup, you must have several questions, and we are here to answer them.

Read the blog to understand how to build a rideshare app like BlaBla, the development cost, and the necessary features.

So let’s get started.

How to Build a Rideshare App Like BlaBla?

Rideshare app development is a step-by-step process that requires careful consideration. The steps to build an app like BlaBla are:

1. Understand the Rideshare Market

It is important to examine the rideshare app market. Did you know that the global carpooling market is projected to reach $17.62 billion by 2028? It is crucial to look at the numbers in your area before you invest in rideshare app development.

2. Define the Rideshare App Concept

Defining the concept of your rideshare app involves identifying its distinctive features, value proposition, and target market. Clearly set the unique selling points that differentiate your app from competitors, understand the specific needs of your target audience, and pinpoint the problems or challenges within the ridesharing space that your app is designed to address.

It will serve as the foundation for the app’s development, marketing strategy, and long-term success.

3. Choose the Key App Features

To build a successful car-sharing app, it is crucial to add the necessary features.
Here are the necessary features to add when building an app like BlaBla:

a) User App

When building a rideshare app like BlaBla, building a solid user app is essential to provide a seamless experience. Some essential features to include in the user app are:

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking: Provide real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival and the route taken by the driver, helping users plan their journey better.
  • Payment Integration: Integrate various payment methods like credit/debit cards, online wallets (Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay), and other online options like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Fare Calculator: Develop an algorithm to calculate fares based on the distance traveled and time taken, ensuring transparency and accuracy.
  • Book a Ride Now or Later: Allow users to book a ride immediately or schedule it for later, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Multiple Drop-Off Points: Enable users to schedule multiple drops during a ride, making it easier to complete errands and tasks without needing to hail multiple taxis.
  • Calendar Integration: Integrate calendar functionality to allow users to schedule rides in advance, making it easier to plan their daily routines.

b) Driver App

Just like the user app, it is equally essential to build a feature-rich app for the drivers so that they can quickly connect with the users. Must-have features for this app are:

  • Accept or Reject Requests: The profiles should include data such as name, phone number, license number, location, and frequently traveled routes.
  • Trip Information: Drivers should be able to view trip data, including user, pick-up and drop-off locations, and expected mileage.
  • Integrated Navigation: The app must provide real-time traffic updates to help drivers find the best route to pick-up and drop-off locations, ensuring a smooth ride for both drivers and passengers.
  • Push Notifications: Drivers should receive reminders to pick up passengers with push alerts, ensuring they stay on schedule.
  • Contact Passengers: Drivers must be able to contact passengers to confirm pick-up details, such as the exact location or any special requests.
  • Route Selection: Drivers should also be able to choose between various maps to optimize their route, ensuring the best route based on traffic conditions.

c) Admin App

During carpooling app development like BlaBla, building an engaging dashboard for the admin is important for smooth operations. Some essential features include:

  • Driver Management: The admin should be able to verify or block drivers, examine their documents, and monitor their performance easily.
  • Manage Transactions: The app admin should also be able to monitor all transactions and delve into specifics like payment methods, wallet transfers, etc.
  • Trips and Ride Management: The car sharing app like BlaBla must enable the admin to monitor rides in real-time and manually assign drivers to booked rides.
  • Reports and Analytics: The features and functionalities should provide reports for operational, financial, and user engagement insights.
  • Smart Routing: The app should empower the admin to optimize routes for the most efficient travel and offer alternative routes.
  • Integration with Other Services: The admin app should be integrated with popular social media platforms to enable the admin to promote their services.

4. Design the App to Engage the Users

Once you have chosen the features and functionalities, the next step in the car sharing app development is designing an intuitive app. When building a rideshare app like BlaBla, it is essential to look at its design.

The design should be such that it allows users to navigate through the app and book the services quickly.

Some tips for designing a carpool app like BlaBla include:

  • Ensure the app is easy to use and visually appealing for both passengers and drivers.
  • Encourage user engagement and participation through incentives and community building.
  • Offer prompt support through in-app messaging or email.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote the rideshare app and attract new users.

Lastly, the app design should match your business needs and brand tone.

5. Check the Development Cost

Cost is a crucial factor when building an app like BlaBla. On average, the rideshare app development cost ranges between $10,000 and $20,000. This cost can further vary on specific business demands, app design, features, and so on.

6. Hire a Development Team

Now that you have the roadmap for your rideshare app, it is time to hire the right people. Look for a team of rideshare app developers who are skilled and experienced in designing and developing an app like BlaBla.

ValueAppz is a leading ridesharing app development company where we work at building carpooling apps that meet the specific needs of the business. Our white-label rideshare apps will ensure that you engage with the right target audience and build a strong retention rate.

We work with the latest technologies and provide pre-integrated services to ensure the app’s scalability.

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1. Latest Tech Stack We work with the latest technologies like React, Node, and Next.js.
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RideShare App Like Bla Bla

7. Iterate and Market the App

After the carpooling app development is complete, the final step is to ensure that the app is free of any errors. For this, the rideshare app developers run various quality tests and iterate the app likewise. Once it is ready, you must build strategies for marketing the ridesharing app to the right target audience.

Remember, ride sharing app development is a continuous process where you must keep improving its features, functionalities, design, and more as per the users’ feedback.

Key Takeaways

  • Carpooling is an emerging industry with BlaBla as one of the leading brands, hence building a rideshare app like BlaBla can be a profitable idea.
  • Steps to build a rideshare app like BlaBla are researching the market, choosing the features, designing the app, hiring a development team, and iterating the rideshare app.
  • The average cost for car-sharing app development ranges between $10,000 and $20,000.
  • Some key features to add to the rideshare app are trip information, social media integration, fare calculator, calendar integration, multiple drop-off points, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a carpooling or ridesharing app?

A carpooling or ridesharing app is a platform that connects people looking to share rides, reducing costs and adding to a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

Q2. What are the key features needed for a successful carpooling app like BlaBla?

Some essential features to add to an app like BlaBla are quick registration and login, real-time ride tracking, smart routing, third-party integrations, and push notifications.

Q3. What makes a BlaBlaCar-like app unique compared to existing options?

A BlaBlaCar-like app is unique due to its emphasis on long-distance carpooling, fostering trust through detailed user profiles, and promoting a sustainable and cost-effective approach to travel.

Q4. Can I offer both carpooling and ride-hailing services in my app?

Yes, you can offer both carpooling and ride-hailing services in your app to provide users with a diverse set of transportation options.

Q5. How much does it cost to develop a Ridesharing app like Bla BlaCar?

On average, the rideshare app development cost ranges between $10,000 and $20,000.

Q6. How long does it take to build and launch a Carpooling app?

The ridesharing app development process can take between 10-12 weeks. It further depends on the number of features, app customization, and so on.

Q7. What are the different monetization options for a ridesharing app?

There are different monetization options for a ridesharing app, including booking/cancellation fees, paid advertisements, and in-app purchases.


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