How to Choose the Best App Development Company For Your Grocery Store?

September 13, 2021 Giandeep Singh
Grocery app development company

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    The on-demand grocery business is growing very fast. One of human beings’ most necessary amenities is food. As a result, there will always be a need for food and groceries. Customers can order and get groceries without leaving their homes using grocery app delivery applications. During the COVID-19 epidemic, several applications saw significant development.

    Globally, online grocery apps are rapidly increasing. The better ones with more innovative features like on-time delivery specifications and high-quality items capture the market share. Busy customers like to shop their low-involvement grocery purchases on apps rather than traveling and waiting in the queue at retail outlets. The apps save customers a lot of time and effort. 

    As an entrepreneur, you have to build an app to run a digital marketing company. The choices are hiring a team in-house, outsourcing to develop an app from scratch, or procuring an existing clone app. It is costly and time-consuming to build out a grocery app from scratch. The business models and the functionalities of the app keep changing constantly. Hence it is better for entrepreneurs to invest in a clone app to get to the market within a few days. 

    On the other hand, there are so many companies that have been able to clone popular marketplaces. They are out there in the market, claiming that their app is the best. So, how do you, as an entrepreneur, evaluate the apps and make the right choice of the company? 

    Things to keep in mind while choosing the appropriate grocery app company

    Allow you to launch a white-labeled app.

    The first thing you will have to find out is if the clone company will allow you to white-label the app. What is white labeling? White labeling of the app means you can brand the app in your company name. Your customers will think that you have developed this app. More importantly, this app has essential functionalities that will help you get started off the ground within a few days. The cost of the apps will only be a fraction of what you would pay, if you would develop the app by yourself. 

    Let us talk about how you can select the best grocery app company.

    Companies expertise

    You will have to evaluate the software development from the organization from a lot of angles. You will have to see the number of years they have been in business, the technology skill sets they have, the number of industries the company has worked with, and the types of business problems they have solved. Their knowledge of various industries and technology solutions will enable them to add value to your business from a consultant’s point of view. 

    • No of installations of the grocery app in similar companies

    You will also have to look at their expertise in developing clone apps and evaluate them from their existing customer base. You will have to assess them on the robustness of the app and how the app is working for multiple customers in your domain

    • Fitment to your needs

    You must check the app’s functionality and ensure that the app is good to go from fitment to functionality. You would require some basic features that will get you off the ground. You have to check these features and try the app out if possible. You can then select the app and get started. 

    •  Ability to customize

    You have now chosen an app that fits your bulk requirements. You have made it work for you, and you are in business. However, your needs will keep changing because of the changes in the market and the competition. Hence, the app should be customizable to suit your future needs. 

    • Retail domain expertise

    You should also ensure that the app development company understands eCommerce and also the requirements of your specific business. This knowledge would have come to them based on their implementation with multiple companies in your industry. Having only technical knowledge might not be that useful because they will be vendors and not consultants. 

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    Robustness of the app

    You will know about the robustness when you analyze the usage of the app by a  diversity of customers. You can see the traffic and understand the robustness. You can also speak with the customers using the app and find out how stable the app is. 

    How to build a marketplace app like BigBasket?

    Big Basket is one of the leaders in the market. Its applications have multiple functionalities and have also leveraged AI to personalize service and promotions to individual customers. Hence it makes sense to utilize most of the features that Big Basket has. However, you will also have to look into multiple factors before deciding on the functionalities of the app. You will have to do adequate market research to find out what your customers want and what your competitors have left behind as a gap in the market. 

    The market research will involve finding out the similarity of apps compared to the market potential. You may also look at the features of your competitors and the superiority of the services in the market. 

    There are some essential features like 

    • Easy registration of customers and onboarding of restaurants and delivery partners 
    •  Multiple payment options 
    • Ability to track the entire order to fulfillment 
    • Digital wallet 
    • Coupon codes and discounts  
    • Listing of products
    • Easy order placement 

    To name a few of the essential functionalities. 


    Based on the decisions of the features, you will have to build a grocery app. You can list out the functionalities that are required to build out an app like Big Basket. 

    However, as discussed earlier in the blog, it will take you a minimum of a 6 to 8-member team of full-stack developers and around 6 to 8 months for app development. The evaluation should be based on the company that has expertise both in the app and the domain. They should also have experience in handling the functionalities and the robustness of the app.



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