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Features to Add in Grocery Delivery App to Boost Sales

July 14, 2023 Mohit Yadav
grocery delivery app features

Quick Summary: What are the top grocery app features that engage users and bring in more customers? Answering this important question when planning to enter the grocery market is crucial. This blog will help you understand the vital features to add in your grocery delivery app to boost sales and stand out in the competition.

With the rising competition in mobile applications, it has become a challenge for startups and small businesses to build their brand. It can be clearly seen in the online grocery market. With the more use of these grocery delivery apps, more entrepreneurs are entering into it. By 2027, the total number of users is expected to amount to 2,035.00million. It means that there will be more need for robust grocery delivery apps in the future.

How do you make your on-demand grocery delivery app stand out from the competition? What strategies should you follow? What features should you add in the grocery delivery app? It is still a big question for the entrepreneurs trying to build their career in the online grocery industry. Features and functionalities are one of the most critical aspects in deciding the success of the grocery app. After all, it is the best solution your customers are looking for, provided through the features. 

Key Takeaways
  • Each grocery delivery app (i.e., customer, vendor, delivery, admin) should include all the necessary features to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Push notifications are an essential grocery app feature to ensure your users never miss any important message.
  • Social media integration is another vital feature to add to your grocery delivery app so users can share their experiences and invite friends.
  • As a startup, you must add basic features to the grocery delivery app and can add advanced features once the audience starts to use the platform.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the grocery delivery app features to attract customers, provide the right solutions, boost sales, and enhance the retention rate.

Must-Have Grocery App Features

The grocery delivery app includes customers, store owners, admin, and delivery agents. To start your on-demand grocery delivery app, you must build the application for all four of these. Each app should include essential grocery app features that help them efficiently access the services. We have listed the top most important features for all four, and these include:

Customer app

The first comes the customer app. This application will be specifically designed for buyers who want quick and reliable grocery solutions. Through the customer app, they will be able to locate nearby grocery stores, make the order, and get it delivered to their location. A few grocery delivery app features that will make the customer app engaging and more useful are:

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Simple sign up or log in

What is the first step your customers will take to start using your online grocery delivery app? They must sign in or log in if they have already created the account. Hence, their first step should be as easy as possible.

You should allow your users to register and log in on the app through various ways like phone numbers, email addresses, social media, or face recognition. There should be as little information as needed for the users to get started.

Easy search for groceries

Easy search is one of the most needed features in the grocery delivery app. Once the users log in to the app, they would want to find the desired items to add to the cart easily. It should be quick and not time-consuming.

To ensure the feasibility of this feature, you can create a list of all the grocery items and stores and divide these based on the name, location, and type of product (fruits, vegetables, packaged foods), etc. The categorization will help the buyers to jump to the specific category to choose the product they need.

Find nearby grocery stores

One of the primary reasons audiences choose to download a grocery app is to connect with the local stores to get their orders delivered fast. So, while building an on-demand grocery delivery app, make sure to add the “find nearby grocery stores” feature.

A user may quickly search for the nearest food shop using this feature. Also, customers may learn about the grocery store’s reviews, like product quality, instant delivery, return policy, and the list. Overall, users can quickly identify grocery stores that cater to all their needs based on the store’s characteristics.

Personalized deliveries

Customers need to manage things ahead of time in today’s fast-paced world. So, offering customers a feature of personalized deliveries for their grocery delivery is just unskippable.

Customers can use the scheduled order delivery service feature to receive fresh and on-time delivery of items without sacrificing time or quality. So, don’t forget to include this feature when you create an online store, as your customers will appreciate this.

Push notifications

Keeping your customers up-to-date on the latest advancements, seasonal discounts, and many other real-time changes is the ideal approach to building deeper customer connections.

63% of mobile users say they will likely buy from apps that provide relevant recommendations. 

With this, you can keep your customers updated with impending deals. The message about on-time delivery can also be carried through push notifications. The push notification feature in the online store offers users relevant and customized material at the present moment.

Payment integration

The payment feature will be one of the most used grocery app features as it will be required every time the user places an order. Provide your customers an utter convenience to pay using their preferred payment method. You can integrate different payment gateways like credit cards, mobile wallets, debit cards, UPI, and other approaches.

Remember that while making a payment, users will enter and share their personal financial details. Hence the process should be 100% safe and secure

Order history

Order history is another must-have feature in the delivery app. At times, customers have to make repeated orders for groceries. Therefore, the order history feature will enable them to repeat the order quickly.

Also, the feature will help them to know what items they had ordered previously and the total amount they had spent last month or week. 

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Grocery store app 

After the customer app comes the grocery store app. To make your grocery delivery app a success, you must partner with and register with local, certified, and reliable stores with relevant stocks and can provide online delivery to your customers. Some essential features to include in the grocery store app are:

Catalog management

The store owner may have to change the specific information with the change in the demand and grocery availability. Hence, the catalog management feature will give them complete control over it.

The feature should allow them to create, edit, and manage their product catalog, where they can change the product names, add them to categories, and provide descriptions, images, and pricing for the same.

Sales report and other analysis

For store owners, they must be regularly updated with the number of sales they have generated to work on their future strategies. Hence, sales reports and other analysis is a must-have features.

It will provide them with a detailed sales analysis and compare it with other months. Also, they will be able to access additional crucial information like the number of customers, their location, and the type of groceries they purchase the most from their store. 

Finance management

Another vital information that grocery store owners must regularly be aware of is their financial statement. Finance management features will be their one-stop solution for all their money-related issues.

It will help store owners to know the exact amount they have earned, their earnings on specific days, collection from particular locations, the highest profits from a particular item, and so on. Such information will provide in-depth information for better future decisions. 

Inventory management

The best on-demand grocery delivery app should allow vendors to manage their inventory levels. Whatever grocery store the person owns, there will always be a need to examine the inventories closely.

Inventory management features should enable them to receive notifications when stock runs low, update inventory quantities, and provide relevant information like what stock is used the least and the most, etc.

Customer communication

How to ensure that users make the right order from the store? One way to guarantee this is by letting the customer and the owner communicate with each other when needed.

The vendor app should therefore allow vendors to connect with the customers via the app, where they can quickly respond to their inquiries and provide real-time updates on their order status. 

Marketing and promotions

Each grocery store will want to come on top of the list to attract more customers. Therefore, adding a marketing and promotions feature in the vendor app will boost your online grocery business.

This feature should allow store owners to create and manage marketing campaigns to provide discounts and promotions to their target customers to increase sales and retain them.

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Delivery agent app

Then comes the delivery agent app. Once the user places an order and the store accepts and prepares it, it is assigned to a dedicated delivery agent responsible for delivering the order at the right location and at the right time. Hence, the features in the delivery agent app should all help the delivery guy to make efficient deliveries. 

Navigation and GPS

Navigation and GPS feature is essential in the grocery delivery app to ensure that the delivery guy hands over the order at the correct location. 

The feature will ensure fast deliveries as built-in navigation and GPS feature will provide the best and quickest route to the destination and ensure that the delivery person knows how they are going. 

Order management

Order management is another must-have feature in the delivery app. As the delivery person will be dealing with several orders daily, he should clearly be able to see each one.

The app should allow the delivery personnel to manage the orders, view order details, and also update their status. 

Total earnings

Another piece of information that delivery agents should receive is information regarding their earnings. Your on-demand grocery delivery app should include a feature for the delivery boys where they can access any finance-related information.

The feature should also include delivery fees and tips received along with total earnings. It will further help the agent to know his collection for any month. 

Customer information

Delivery agents will be dealing directly with the customers to fulfill their orders. A customer information feature in the delivery app will help them get the appropriate information. 

This feature should show proper details like customer name, contact details, and the exact location where the order has to be delivered. It will also benefit the delivery guy when he has to contact the user regarding any issue in the delivery. 

Admin app

The last is the admin app. An admin is the master of the grocery delivery app. The admin has complete control over the app’s content, finance, customers’ information, delivery agents, and vendors. Some crucial grocery delivery app features to include to make the process easy for the admin are:


The first and most important feature for the admin is the dashboard feature. The dashboard will give the admin a complete view of everything happening in the grocery delivery app.

From viewing all orders to the total number of customers, their information, delivery agents, total orders, complete sales, and ongoing orders, this feature should help the admin to avail complete information regarding the application.

Content management

The admin handles the content of a grocery delivery app. Therefore, this is a must-have feature in the admin app development. 

The feature should enable the admin to manage and update the content displayed on the online grocery delivery app, where he can update and modify the text, images, and other media used in the app’s interface. 

Analytics and reporting

For admins, an in-depth reporting of everything is also necessary for taking steps for future growth. So, while building a grocery delivery app for the admins, this is another unskippable feature.

The app admin should be able to get a detailed report about human resource, finance, and marketing strategies and their progress. With real numbers and graphs, the admin can discover the areas for growth. 

Payment and billing

The admin app is built to provide complete control to the app owners, who can access its settings anytime they want. Receiving and making payments is one such aspect. 

The payment and billing feature in your on-demand grocery delivery app should enable admins to get payments from the vendors, generate bills for delivery guys, and make payments to them.

Build a grocery delivery app with top-notch features

Now that you know the essential features to add in your grocery delivery app, you need to build a solid application that brings out the desired result. To ensure the quality and functionality of each feature, you need an experienced on-demand app development company like ValueAppz. Our dedicated team of developers has the right technology, resources, and knowledge to build a grocery delivery app like Instacart with the best features to ensure that every user on your application gets a beautiful experience and is satisfied with the services. Contact our team now, and let’s get started with your app.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What features should a grocery app have?

Some essential grocery app features should include easy registration, product categories, search filters, inventory management, push notifications, personalized messages, and online payment integration.

Q2. How can I increase my online grocery sales?

To enhance your online grocery sales, you must include all the necessary features, build an intuitive UI/UX design, and develop the app in a way that attracts and engages users.

Q3. How can social media integration benefit a grocery delivery app?

Social media integration will help users sign in with their social media accounts, share their shopping experience, receive personalized recommendations, and invite friends to use the app.

Q4. How can a loyalty program boost sales for a grocery delivery app?

A loyalty program can incentivize customers to make repeated purchases, leading to better sales. Further, it can offer rewards, discounts, or points for each purchase, motivating users to engage with the grocery app.

Q5. Why is push notification functionality important for a grocery delivery app?

Push notifications allow for a timely conversation with users. It can help remind them about products in the cart and inform them about the latest discounts and rewards, ensuring they don’t skip anything important.


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