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Build App Like Urban Clap: Models, Features and Cost in 2024

July 12, 2023 Mohit Yadav
urban company business models

Quick Summary: An app like UrbanClap lets users take advantage of the services at their convenience. It also allows the service providers to widen their reach and connect with customers easily. For startups, creating an app like UrbanClap can bring various benefits to the business. Discover how to build the app step-by-step with this blog.

Beauty and home services apps have become a necessity in everyone’s lives. Whether it’s about booking appointments with beauty and salons or calling a professional for home services, these online applications are the need of the hour. 

UrbanClap, now known as Urban Company, have made it possible for the target audience to get their necessary home tasks done without moving out. It has become one of the most used apps, from getting the house clean to scheduling salon appointments and calling beauty professionals home. 

With over 5 countries and 63 cities, it has over 10 Million+ happy and satisfied clients. Further, it also has 45,000+ trained professionals that provide their services online through the app and website, quickly reaching their target audience.

And, if you also want to build an app like UrbanClap and want to enter the on demand home services industry. This blog will help you discover everything necessary to create the app.

Before we begin, let’s look at the UrbanClap/Urban Company business model.

The Business Model of UrbanClap 

The company was founded in 2014 by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra. Now known as Urban Company, this on-demand home services marketplace helps users connect with service providers in over 100 categories, including cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, beauty, fitness, and education.

1. Commission-based Model:

In the commission model, the company charges a percentage of the total service fee from all its registered service providers. For instance, it charges a commission of 15% for cleaning services and 20% for electrical work. 

2. Lead Generation Model:

Under the lead generation model, UrbanClap from each lead/customer the service provider gets. Once a user requests service, Urban Company sends it to various per-screened service providers. Further, these service providers submit bids, and users can choose what fits their budget. 

3. Advertising Model:

UrbanClap also runs ads on its app and website. These are in the form of images, GIFs, and videos that target users based on their interests and location. Urban Company charges an amount for each ad that the service providers run.

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Build an App Like UrbanClap in 6 Easy Steps 

Launching a home services platform like Urban Company may seem simple, but it involves numerous complex processes that we will discuss in detail in this section.

1. Define the Concept and Target Audience

The first step towards building an app like UrbanClap is defining the concept and target audience. It involves identifying the app’s goal and choosing the precise services you wish to provide. You may efficiently adapt your app to fit their requirements by having an in-depth knowledge of your target audience, their wants, and preferences.

Consider the scenario where you wish to develop a home services app similar to UrbanClap. Your idea should be to create a platform where customers can quickly locate and book experts for tasks like plumbing, electrical work, cleaning, or painting. By concentrating on this market, you can serve homeowners or other customers who want dependable and practical services delivered right to their door.

Research your potential users’ demographics, behaviors, and pain points to determine the target audience. For instance, your target market can consist of professionals with demanding schedules, homeowners who lack the skills for particular activities, or people looking for quick and dependable answers to their home service needs. You may design your app’s features and user experience to offer a seamless and gratifying solution by being aware of their preferences.

app like UrbanClap
The majority of the users of Urban Company are between the age of 25-34 years.

A look at the target audience of UrbanClap/Urban Company:

  1. People located in the urban areas
  2. Middle-class consumers
  3. Time-poor audience
  4. Tech savvy audience

2. Conduct a Market Research

Deep market research should be your next step towards building an app like Urban Company. Getting an in-depth market analysis requires insights into the target market, user needs, and competitive landscape. You may make wise decisions, spot market gaps, and create an app that successfully meets the needs of your target market by conducting rigorous market research.

Market research is crucial because it offers insightful data that directs the creation process and raises the likelihood of success. Using market trends and user preferences will enable you to verify your company idea, understand the demand for your app, and make strategic decisions. By learning more about your target audience and competition, you may distinguish your app and create features that give a special value proposition.

A few points that require good market research are:

  • Target audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market size and growth potential
  • Business model viability

3. Choose the App Features

Before you begin with app development, choosing the right features is an obvious step. It involves identifying the essential features that support the concept of your app and serve the requirements of your intended user base. You can improve user experience, distinguish your app, and add value for both users and service providers by choosing the proper features.

A crucial step in creating an app like UrbanClap is selecting the appropriate app features. It involves identifying the essential features that support the concept of your app and serve the requirements of your intended user base. You can improve user experience, distinguish your app, and add value for both users and service providers by choosing the proper features.

Consider your primary offerings and the demands of your intended audience while selecting the app’s features. Look for features that make identifying, booking, and managing services easier. You should also look for elements that improve user-provider interaction and foster trust. Always give importance to functions that offer convenience, dependability, and transparency.

Let’s take a look at the features of UrbanClap/Urban Company:

  • A wide variety of services
  • User and service provider profiles
  • Convenient booking process
  • Payment integration
  • Referral programs
  • Push notifications
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Insurance
  • Customer support
  • Geolocation
  • In-app wallet

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4. Design the User Interface

How do you attract the target audience to your app? The app’s design decides if the users will stay or not. The user interface (UI) is crucial for engaging users, improving usability, and providing a seamless user experience. The process includes designing interfaces that are simple to use and visually appealing so that users can easily navigate through the program and complete their objectives.

A few factors to consider for designing the app include:

  • Clear and concise language.
  • Using high-quality images.
  • Keeping the design consistent.
  • Providing clear instructions to the users. 

If you have seen the Urban Company app, you will know its design is engaging. 

  • The app’s homepage is clean and organized, with a clear call to action to “Book Now.”
  • The app uses high-quality images and videos to showcase the different available services.
  • The app’s search bar is easy to find and use and provides relevant results based on the user’s search terms.
  • The app’s instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow.
  • The app’s overall design is consistent, and it is visually appealing.

5. Develop the App

Once you have the roadmap for the app, with all the features and design in its place, it is time to start building the app. In this step, the design and functionality specs are translated into actual code, and the features that give your app life are added. It includes front-end, back-end, and third-party service integration and provides a positive user experience throughout the entire app.

Front-end developers employ coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the user interface (UI) during development. Based on the design principles, they construct the interfaces, navigation, and user interactions. 

Back-end developers implement functions including user authentication, service provider management, service request handling, and payment processing while concentrating on server-side logic and database administration.

Here are a few things to consider during the development process:

  • Design and develop the app with scalability in mind.
  • Implement security measures to protect user data.
  • If targeting multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web), ensure the app is developed using tech that allows for cross-platform compatibility.

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6. Test, Launch, and Improve the App

The next step is to test the app. Before you release the app in the market, you must try it with a small group of users to ensure it brings out the desired result.  

When you begin with the app development process, you may add basic features that let the users register, log in, search for services, and book. But once the app is running in the market, you may want to include some advanced features that help your app differentiate from the competitors. 

Must-Have Features in An App Like Urbanclap

Building a successful app like Urbanclap requires all the necessary features that provide the needed solutions to its users. Below is the list of all the essential features you must include in the customer, service provider, delivery, and admin app.

Customer App Features

The customer app should let the users easily search for a service listed under various categories and book a professional when needed. To make it engaging, the app should include the following features.

Features  Description 
User registration and login Allow users to create accounts, log in, and manage their profiles.
Service categories  Categorize services into various categories and subcategories for easy browsing and selection.
Service request and booking Allow users to submit service requests, specify details, and schedule appointments with service providers.
Real-time chat Provide a chat feature for seamless communication between users and service providers.
Reviews and ratings Allow users to rate and review service providers, providing feedback for other users to make informed decisions.
Secure payment integration Integrate reliable and secure payment gateways for seamless and secure transactions between users and service providers.
Geolocation services Incorporate location-based services to connect users with nearby service providers and provide accurate service availability information.
Push notifications Send push notifications to users regarding service updates, appointment reminders, and other important information.
User dashboard Offer users a personalized dashboard to manage their service requests, appointments, payments, and profile information.

Service Provider App Features

As crucial for the customers, the service providers should also have ease of access to the app. They may receive multiple requests daily. Hence, the app should allow them to take complete control of it. It should include the features mentioned below.

Features  Description 
Service provider registration Enable service providers to create profiles, submit qualifications, and undergo verification.
Service request notifications Notify service providers about new service requests and allow them to accept or decline requests.
Real-time chat  Provide a chat feature for seamless communication between service providers and users.
Schedule management Offer service providers tools to manage their availability, accept or decline service requests, and update their schedules.
Push notifications Send push notifications to service providers regarding new service requests, appointment updates, and other important information.
Service provider dashboard Provide service providers with a dashboard to manage their service requests, appointments, earnings, and profile information.

Admin App Features

The admin must have control over all the activities going on in the app. They should be able to track everything from a service request to its reviews and ratings. The admin app must include the following features in the app.

Features  Description 
Admin dashboard Provide an administrative dashboard with access to key metrics, user data, service provider data, and overall app management.
User management  Enable admin to manage user accounts, handle user inquiries or disputes, and ensure a smooth user experience.
Service provider management Allow admin to manage service provider accounts, verify qualifications, handle inquiries or disputes, and maintain a reliable service provider network.
Content management  Provide tools for the admin to manage the content of the app, including service categories, pricing, and promotional offers.
Analytics and reporting Offer data analytics and reporting functionalities for admin to gain insights into user behavior, service provider performance, and overall app performance.
Order management Enable admin to monitor and manage service requests, appointments, deliveries, and order statuses.

Cost of Building an App Like Urbanclap

The biggest question is, “how much does it cost to make an app like Urban Company?” The cost can only be identified once the on-demand delivery app development team has all the necessary on average; building an app like Urban Company can cost between $10,000-$50,000. 

The cost can further vary based on several factors, like the number of features to be included, app complexity, the number of platforms it is to be built for, the location of the team, and much more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How to Create an App like UrbanClap?

To build an app like UrbanClap, understand its business model, do market research, design the app concept, choose the features, plan the app UI/UX, and build the app with the help of an on-demand delivery app development company.

Q2. How Much does it Cost to Build an App Like UrbanClap?

Building an app like Urban Company can cost between $10,000-$50,000. It further varies on factors like app complexity, platforms, features, design, and the app development team.

Q3. What Type of App is Urban Company?

Urban Company is a technology platform that provides a range of services like beauty treatments, haircuts, massage therapy, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, appliance repair, painting, and more.

Q4. What Technology is Used by UrbanClap?

UrbanClap’s platform is powered by several technologies, including back-end systems, machine learning, mobile apps, and online apps. The back-end systems of UrbanClap are in charge of processing and storing data and maintaining the platform’s architecture. On top of open-source technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and Kubernetes, these solutions are created.

Q5. What are the Key Features of UrbanClap?

The key features of Urban Company include:

  • User registration and login
  • Service provider registration and login
  • Service categories and subcategories
  • Search and filter options
  • Service provider profiles and portfolios
  • Booking and scheduling system
  • In-app chat or messaging
  • Ratings and reviews system
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Push notifications


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