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Challenges Of Handyman Business And Solutions For It

January 25, 2024 Harjyot kaur
Challenges Of Handyman Business

Summary: Running on-demand handyman services might seem easy, but the reality is different when you enter the industry. Discover the top handyman business challenges and the best solutions for them.

On-demand handyman apps have become one of the top ideas for entrepreneurs and a necessity for users. It has attracted several startups, and this industry is projected to reach a value of USD 1.65 billion by 2032. But is it really easy to start a handyman business?

Entrepreneurs who are already in the handyman business would have realized that there are several challenges that they have to face. Every business has some pitfalls, and so does the handyman business.

Some of the most common handyman business challenges include retaining customers, seasonal tasks, scaling the business, and expensive equipment repairs.

With our blog, discover the top challenges in the handyman business and find the perfect solution for it.

Top 7 Handyman Business Challenges and Solutions for it

As several people are entering this market every day and the customers look for quick and quality services at a reasonable price, running a handyman business can give some hard times. Below are the top challenges faced by on-demand handyman services. 

 1. Building a Strong Customer Base

Any business needs a strong customer base for its growth. Meaning that they not only have to pull in the customers but also ensure that they stick with them throughout. It might seem an easy task in the handyman business but the reality is harsh.

The first reason is that there is huge competition. Just in a small area, there are several handyman professionals across various apps. Secondly, a customer might leverage the service of others if they provide it quicker or at a lower cost. Hence, it is quite challenging to maintain the retention rate.


The best way to engage your customers is by building an engaging and responsive handyman app. The better the app design is, the better the customer base will be. The reports have stated that 90% of users stop using an app due to its poor performance. Hence, you would need an app that provides a great experience to users.

ValueAppz masters at creating handyman apps that provide a unique experience, ensuring that businesses build a strong customer base. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the app idea.

 2. Inventory Management

Another biggest handyman business challenge is keeping track of supplies, tools, and equipment while ensuring that they are readily available for various jobs. With a number of services and different tools and equipment for each, it is hard to track what needs a refill.


The best solution is the handyman app with inventory management software. For instance, popular handyman apps like TaskRabbit enable its service providers to manage their inventory easily.

Craft a bespoke on-demand service app Like TaskRabbit. Our handyman clone app development services are designed to provide a robust platform for your handyman business.

  3. Scaling the Handyman Business

Scaling a handyman business can be challenging due to several factors. Firstly, there may be a limited pool of skilled labor available, making it difficult to find enough workers to keep up with demand. Secondly, expanding beyond a specific geographic area can be difficult, and marketing and advertising to reach new areas can be expensive.

Scaling a handyman business requires careful planning and management. As an entrepreneur, you must also forge partnerships with real estate agencies, property management firms, and local hardware stores.

  4. Technology Integration

Incorporating software and tools that speed up the scheduling, invoicing, and customer management procedures is part of implementing technology integration. Often, businesses lack knowledge about the tech stack that can help make their operations quick and error-free.


To address the challenge of technology integration, we at ValueAppz work with the best tech stack. Our tech stack includes the following:

Mobile app development: Flutter is the best technology for the front end of mobile app development. Its single codebase for both Android and iOS enables faster development and a consistent user experience.
Web development: Various tech stacks like React, Node, and Next.js can help develop an engaging front. These technologies empower developers to build interactive user interfaces with reusable components.

The backend is equally important to ensure that the platform works smoothly and error-free. Hence, you need the right tech, like Node.js, for the Backend development. Its event-driven, non-blocking I/O enables efficient handling of simultaneous connections and high performance.


Our pre-integration services ensure that the app has all the necessary integrations like online payments, GPS, calendar and scheduling, and communication tools.
that the platform works smoothly and error-free. Hence, you need the right tech, like Node.js, for the Backend development. Its event-driven, non-blocking I/O enables efficient handling of simultaneous connections and high performance.

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 5. Equipment Repairs Can be Expensive

Equipment repair can be a significant challenge for handyman businesses as they rely on a variety of tools and equipment to perform their work. When these tools break down or require maintenance, they can cause delays in completing jobs and result in lost revenue. Repairing or replacing equipment can also be costly, especially if the business has to purchase new tools or hire outside contractors for repairs.

Handyman businesses may reduce the chance of expensive and time-consuming repairs by implementing proactive maintenance programs to avoid failures and handle equipment repair difficulties. Furthermore, forming alliances with suppliers of equipment or providers of maintenance services can guarantee timely repair services and the availability of replacement tools when needed.

Meet our team at ValueAppz and work with the best tech stack to build your handyman app.

6. High Competition in the Market

High market competition is another major handyman business challenge. It creates pricing pressure and makes it more difficult to stand out and secure new clients. With so many brands offering the same services, differentiating the business becomes essential, but it can be a difficult task.


To address the challenge of high competition, you must implement various strategies like focusing on specialization, offering unique services, providing exceptional customer services, and investing in targeted marketing and branding efforts.

Further, by providing the right features, you can ensure that your handyman app engages the audience well, even in a highly competitive market. Some of the must-have features of the handyman app include:

  • User and handyman profiles
  • Service request and scheduling
  • In-app messaging and notifications
  • GPS and location services
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Review and rating system
  • Service catalog and pricing
  • In-app photo and video sharing
  • Calendar integration
  • Customer support and help center

Want to add customized features to your handyman app? Meet our experts at ValueAppz to discuss your ideas.

7. Some Handyman Tasks are Seasonal

It is another major challenge that companies in the handyman industry face. Some specific tasks are required at a particular time in the year. Hence, it greatly affects business growth. Let’s understand this by an example.

For instance, the service of air conditioners is only required during the summer. Likewise, snow removal from the driveways is needed only during winter. Professionals who possess these skills and are hired for these will only get work at limited times in the whole year, creating a big hurdle for the business.


Businesses should vary their service offerings to include complementary services that are in demand throughout different seasons. In order to maintain a steady workflow and income stream, it can be accomplished by branching out into related home maintenance and repair services and providing promotional packages to entice clients to use numerous services throughout the year.

Build Your On-Demand Handyman App with ValueAppz

Starting a business, especially in a market where the competition is fierce, can be a challenge in itself. Even with all the precautions, there is always room for errors. A handyman app development company can ensure that you get a feature-rich, interactive, and reliable app for your business.

Save money and time with handyman clone apps like TaskRabbit clone app and Thumbtack clone app. You get a dedicated team of designers, developers, project managers, and quality assurance members with us. Our experienced team of experts will guide you through the whole process and maintain complete transparency to make sure that your app is designed how you want it. Get in touch with us now and turn your idea into a reality.

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Key Takeaways

  • Investing in a top-notch app is necessary to increase client loyalty in the handyman industry because of intense competition.
  • Choosing a handyman app like TaskRabbit that has effective inventory management might help you overcome inventory problems.
  • For successful scaling to overcome manpower shortages and regional expansion constraints, alliances and strategic planning are essential.
  • Using a strong stack (Flutter, React, Node.js) and pre-integrated services is part of solving tech problems for better business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How can I differentiate my handyman business in a highly competitive market?

Make your handyman business stand out from the competition by focusing on a particular service, offering top-notch customer support, and using focused marketing techniques.

Q2. What steps can I take to improve customer retention and build a strong base?

By providing outstanding customer service, asking for feedback to make improvements, and creating loyalty programs to reward repeat business, you can increase client retention.

Q3. How do I effectively manage my inventory of tools and supplies for various jobs?

Manage inventory effectively by putting in place a strong monitoring system, carrying out frequent audits, and building connections with dependable suppliers to facilitate easy purchases.

Q4. What strategies can help me scale my handyman business successfully?

Establish strategic alliances, streamline operations, and look at franchising or licensing options to grow your handyman business.

Q5. How can technology integration enhance the efficiency of my handyman business?

Technology integration can enhance business efficiency by automating scheduling, improving communication, and streamlining invoicing.


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