A Complete Guide to Build an On-Demand App Like TaskRabbit

The on-demand services segment is overwhelmed by two-sided service-based marketplaces like TaskRabbit and Streem. Apps like these act as a bridge between people requiring immediate assistance with home-based tasks and those on their toes to offer their services.

The market of the home service economy has created numerous possibilities that benefit both the service providers and those in need of the same. As such, more and more entrepreneurs, mobile app developers, etc. are looking to reap in the benefits of the mushrooming on-demand home services segment.

Build an On-Demand App Like TaskRabbit.

Whether you’re a web development firm specializing in providing on-demand app development solutions or someone looking to build an app similar to TaskRabbit, there’s much that can be learned by dissecting the TaskRabbit app. So, here we go:

How On-Demand Service Providers Apps Like TaskRabbit Works?

Since 2008, TaskRabbit has been active as an online and mobile marketplace specializing in providing local freelance labor to consumers. It has succeeded to become one of the leading on-demand marketplace for home services.

TaskRabbit allows clients to have instant help for accomplishing everyday tasks, such as cleaning, handyman work, making deliveries, and moving. All users of the TaskRabbit are divided into two groups:

  1. TaskPosters – These are the users requiring work. They post their requirements in the form of jobs on TaskRabbit.
  2. TaskDoers – These are the TaskRabbit users who are ready to offer their services on a freelance basis. Prior to June 2014, taskdoers were able to post a proposal for a specific job, but since then, taskdoers are automatically assigned a job based on their profile.

First of all, TaskPosters post a job after which TaskRabbit suggests three TaskDoers along with their hourly rates and expertise. Notification to each of the three candidates will be sent immediately.

Each TaskDoer at TaskRabbit is verified thoroughly and go through a comprehensive background check that ensures quality above all other things.

Based on their availability and convenience, a TaskDoer can accept or reject the suggested job. Right after a job is completed, payment processing begins. Also, the TaskPoster can review and rate the service now.

Must-Have Features of On-Demand Apps like TaskRabbit

1. Booking Section

Booking is a vital feature for any app that is to follow in the footsteps of TaskRabbit. It is an important feature for both the customers and the service providers.

For end-users, the aforementioned feature allows making a booking at the same time or schedule it for some time later. Offering the option to reschedule the service in case of any unexpected issue is also a desirable part of the overall booking functionality.

For service providers, the booking feature allows seeing all the orders that they have received and additional details concerning the same. They then have the option to accept or reject all the booking offers that they have received.

2. Booking History

The booking history an important section for any service providing app. It allows users to have a single place where they can see all the booking orders that they have made using the app.

This section has a lot many uses for the customer, ranging from accounting the expenditure when managing their finances to know about the best and worst bookings that they had. Most importantly, it allows the users to contact the best service providers again when required.

A suitable booking history section details the time and date of bookings made, the name and contact info of the service providers, etc.

3. Comprehensive Admin Panel

Every on-demand application needs to address three tiers of interaction, namely users, service providers, and administrator. The admin is responsible for managing both users and service providers, and the interaction amongst them.

Important features that the admin panel must have are:

  • A fully-detailed admin dashboard
  • A dedicated section for fees and prices management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Service provider management
  • User management

One thing that you need to ensure is that all of the aforementioned features must be backed by a robust technology stack, as it can make or break the entire business endeavor.

Choosing the technology stack is also very important as it is a contributing factor for deciding the overall development cost of the on-demand services app.

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    4. Detailed Marketplace

    You need to offer the customers a list of available services in the home screen of your on-demand home services app. The marketplace is an indispensable feature that should be there in an on-demand like TaskRabbit. Any service provider must have a well-built, clutter-free marketplace.

    Each service must have a snippet, briefly detailing what the user can expect from that service. After clicking on a specific service, it needs to go to a dedicated page detailing the A to Z of the concerning service, such as pricing, specifications, and special details.

    5. Help/Contact Us Section

    It’s very important for any application to have a help section, where the users can find answers to the most obvious queries in some Q&A form. Also, the help section needs to be easy to locate and, if possible, available in most pages of the on-demand service provider app.

    For resolving issues that go beyond the queries mentioned in the Q&As section, you need to provide contact info, such as email support ID and a contact number.

    6. In-App Messaging

    Any application that connects customers with service providers needs to have an in-app messaging feature. Although calling option can be helpful, an in-app chat feature is far much more convenient and easier to use than making calls.

    The in-app messaging features allow the customers and the service providers to better understand each other in real-time and thus, minimize confusion and/or the chances of anything going wrong with the endeavor.

    While adding the in-app messaging feature to your TaskRabbit-like on-demand service app ensure that the platform offered is encrypted. It adds to the overall quality of your application.

    7. Invoice Generation

    Generating an invoice for a completed service is mandatory. Hence, it needs to have a dedicated section of its own. Furthermore, there must be options concerning automatic invoice generation that can be sent to the registered email ID and/or contact number of the user.

    You can also provide an option for detailed and brief invoices. The more options that users will have better interaction and experience they will get, which is a contributing factor for the overall popularity and preference gained by the on-demand services app.

    8. Multiple Payment Options

    Different customers have different requirements and different preferences when it comes to making payment. While some like to use debit cards and credit cards, others like to use eWallets, while some others might like to pay-on-delivery or cash-on-delivery.

    Nothing beats the convenience of making a payment right from the device. But as said before, different clients like to pay in different ways and thus, some may like it to do in an old-fashioned way.

    Ensure that the payment platform integrated into your on-demand service provider application is completely safe and secure.

    9. Order/Service Provider Tracking

    Customers like to track their order. It is a good option for dealing with the anxiety accompanied with the wait time, the gap till the order is made, and the task is actually started.

    A TaskRabbit-like app must offer clients some kind of service provider tracking feature. It will let the customers know the exact time to expect the service providers and also to check how much time it will take for them to reach from their current location to the destination.

    10. Push Notifications

    Push notifications have become an important staple for the marketing strategy of any application. It also allows app engagement to have better fruition.

    Push notifications have a wide variety of uses, ranging from alerting customers regarding booking status to motivate users who have not been interacting with the app for a while.

    11. Reviews & Ratings

    Ratings and reviews are very important for attracting new users and building confidence in returning customers. Favorable reviews and higher ratings have, undoubtedly, a positively greater effect on the business.

    Hence, you need to offer an option for your users to leave ratings and reviews about their experience. Moreover, you can find innovative ways to motivate them to leave ratings and reviews, such as offering a point-based reward system for leaving reviews and ratings.

    12. Sharing the App/App Referral

    Referrals are an innovative way of motivating existing app users to share the same with friends and family. Obviously, the likelihood of an app being downloaded and used is far greater when a well-known person, such as a family member or a close friend, recommends the same.

    App Share feature is also a great addition from the marketing point of view. Nowadays, it is a mandatory convention followed by all kinds of apps. Sharing options must include sharing the app via social media channels, sending an invite using WhatsApp and email, et cetera.

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      Earning Money from a TaskRabbit-Like On-Demand Home Service App

      There are several options to earn money from an on-demand home service application like TaskRabbit, such as advertisement and commission, especially when you are to operate as an aggregator in the business.

      If you analyze TaskRabbit then you will find out that it follows a business model that supports two major forms of revenue generation:

      1. Charge Processing Fees – Involves keeping a small share of the service fees that the service providers will receive from the customers.
      2. Peak Pricing – Inspired from Uber’s surge pricing, it involves increasing the price of those services that are in high demand. This becomes especially useful during the festive periods.

      In addition to these, you can also use advertisement and affiliate marketing for enhancing revenue generation.

      The Overall Cost for Building an On-Demand Home Services App Like TaskRabbit

      Frankly speaking, it would be impossible to list out all the cost contributing factors of an application, until it is actually undergone complete development. However, a rough estimate always comes ing handy.

      Although there are several factors that determine the overall cost of a TaskRabbit-like application, the most important ones are:

      • Mobile application designing
      • Platform of choice

      With all the features mentioned above, building an on-demand handyman app similar to TaskRabbit will cost somewhere around $30k to $40k. However, this is a rough estimation that can greatly vary due to the platform choice, the designing process, and several other factors.

      The overall cost for developing the on-demand service provider application will be much higher when developed on native platforms, such as for the Android or iOS platform.

      The cost is comparatively lower when a cross-platform mobile application development framework, such as Flutter and Reactive Native, are used.

      UX design is yet another contributing factor to the overall development cost of a TaskRabbit-like app. The better it is i.e., the more detailed, fluid, and innovative it is, the higher the cost. You can add or reject features to suit your development budget.

      The Future of On-Demand Mobile Apps like TaskRabbit

      In short answer, very bright. Yes, the competition is growing in the on-demand service providers’ niche. But, it will definitely benefit both the users requiring services and the service providers.

      A steady rise in the competition is giving birth to new innovative ways of doing the same things. Nowadays, users rely heavily on the internet to find talented professionals that can help them through a wide range of tasks.

      As we advance to a more technologically-advanced future, the need for services like TaskRabbit is simply meant to get bigger and better. In fact, this applies to other services like food, grocery, laundry, and surveillance.

      Over time, we might even witness a division of the on-demand services niche, sprouting into more specialized sub-markets. Hence, it is a high time for any TaskRabbit-like app to join the race.

      Common FAQs for On-Demand home services mobile app development

      Q: How to develop an app similar to TaskRabbit?

      A: You need to simply contact a capable mobile app development company specializing in on-demand home services. Once you have submitted all your requirements to them, they will prepare a suitable execution plan for you. You need to be wary of all the aspects and complete your homework, though.

      Q: How to correctly estimate the cost of a TaskRabbit-like app?

      A: Following are the important factors deciding the overall cost of a TaskRabbit-like app:

      • Targeted platform(s)
      • The features
      • The location of the mobile app development firm
      • The technology stack involved

      Q: How an app like TaskRabbit makes money?

      A: For earning money using a TaskRabbit-like app, there are several ways, the most important ones are:

      1. Charging processing fees
      2. Charging peak pricing
      3. Advertisement
      4. Affiliate programs

      Which company can help me in developing the On-Demand Home Service App?

      For developing an on-demand home services app like TaskRabbit, one can contact ValueAppz. We are a reliable on demand app solutions provider also specializing in online B2B marketplace solutions, including beauty services and grocery delivery.

      ValueAppz is trusted by many SMBs for building a robust online presence as well as boosting revenue growth. The organization offers a plethora of ideas for building TaskRabbit-like apps matching a wide variety of needs and requirements.

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