10 Apps That Every Handyman Business Needs

If you have got the basic handyman skills or you have got a sound handyman skills list and want to earn a fortune from your handyman business, then we have got you covered! 

If you are already done with the following questions:

“how to be a handyman?”

how to start a small handyman business?

 Now, it is time to accelerate your handyman business in the right direction.

 Take your handyman business online by providing your handyman services on apps! 

“Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.”

This inspirational quote by Mary McLeod Bethune says it all. If you want to make your handyman business successful you have to believe in yourself and then advance! 

Gone are the days when one used to browse the internet to hire a handyman, then talk to them, then check their licenses and then finally hire them.

But now, with mobile apps, customers can easily hire someone within a few clicks! 

Whether someone needs to get the leaky faucet in the bathroom fixed or remodel the kitchen, they can get it done by hiring the best professionals from the handyman apps and get the task completed. 

There are various apps for handyman services in the market and it has become a common trend these days!

Additionally, creating a handyman app has proved to be one of the most effective ideas when it comes to handyman advertising ideas and handyman marketing plan.

It can take your handyman small business to the next level!

Startups, as well as established enterprises, are coming up with the idea to build on an app to bridge the gap between the service providers and users. It is one of the best business plans for handyman service.  

 You can easily dominate the handyman business world if you get the right app built for your handyman business. 

First of all, let’s talk about the essential features you need to build a successful handyman app. 

Features to make a successful handyman app:

Search filter

  • If you are planning to build a handyman app, you need to have a flawless ‘search filter’ to provide your users with a smooth solution at their comfort.
  • For instance, if a user is looking for a particular kind of home repair service. Then you should build a drop-down search menu that will contain almost all types of experts with their expertise in their concerned field. 
  • The search bar with filters allows users to find better professional and certified handymen. Who can provide different services such as furniture assembling, cleaning, plumbing services, wall mounting, and many more? 
  • If your handyman business is extended to nearby towns, then you can integrate a geolocation map with a ‘handyman near me’ functionality. In this way, you can save the time of your customers who need a quick fix for their problems.
  • Also, adding this functionality is a great way to expand your business, and you can find a handyman in the nearby areas by posting a requirement on the app for handyman jobs.  

Prioritize the convenience of the users

    • Prioritizing the convenience of the users should be the first thing when you decide to develop a mobile app.
    • You must include scheduling and canceling features in the app to efficiently manage the work shifts of your professionals.
    • For a successful handyman management software solution, your app must have rescheduling and canceling features. 
    • Anything can happen at the last moment users might get caught with a last-minute plan or any emergency. Therefore, your app must be able to cancel or reschedule the appointment. 

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     Upload tips and DIY tutorials

    • Video streaming is the best way to increase engagement in-app and attract the audience to your digital platform.
    • As you are planning to curate a handyman app, you must curate different sections of such videos.
    • Your videos can be tutorials and tips as they will enlighten the audience with some knowledge. 

                Also, small DIY videos can help them to fix their minute problems. 

    • If you have got a creative head along with a business mind, you can earn good money by uploading DIY videos.
    • You can charge users for these DIY videos, and along with these videos, you can suggest a few tips trending in the household, house parties, gardening ideas. 

    Pro tip :

     If you have your blog on handyman services, then viola! We have got something for you too! 

    You can convert your blog into an app! 

    Secure Online Payment Gateway  

    • Your handyman app must have an online payment facility to keep all the payments record up to date and steady.
    • Having a seamless payment gateway doesn’t only help for having a smooth payment transaction, but also helps in building a trustworthy relationship between you and the users.
    • Also, the service providers get assured about the paid and secured task for the day. As users can make the payment in advance and book their preferred professional for the service they need.
    • For a successful accounting experience, you should incorporate great handyman accounting software.
    • It should have a handyman price list template, handyman receipt template, and handyman invoice. This will generate an invoice after the work is done if the user has not paid for the service in advance. 
    • As average prices charged for various handyman jobs vary, you must mention the costs to avoid the confusion. 

    Incorporate a GPS tracking feature

      • Your handyman app should have a tracking feature, as this will increase the engagement.
      • GPS tracking feature will also help to display the end-to-end process clearly, which will build trust between you and the user.
      • The GPS tracker will help to track every activity of the handyman. 
      • Which will allow users to track the real-time location of the professional and will help them to estimate the arrival time so that they can be sure about the timings. 
      • This feature has worked great for Uber, Ola, Zomato, and many more. Therefore, we are sure that it will work great for your handyman too! 

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      Multilingual feature  

      •  If your business is scattered to the nearby areas or globally, then don’t forget to add the feature for regional language and currency.
      •  This will provide comfort to the users and will bring more engagement to the app.  

      Now, Let’s look at the 10 handyman app for handyman businesses

      10 handyman app that every handyman needs for the handyman business 

      1) Task rabbit

      On Demand handyman App Development

      This app is among the best handyman apps in the year 2020. It let you organize your handyman operations like delegating tasks to your workers.

      Also, you can hire someone for a specific job using this app. Task rabbit is available on Android /iOS platforms.

      2) JobFLEX 

       home services app

      • It is the invoicing app for a handyman business. It turns your quote into an invoice and saves your time. Not only this, it lets you send the same to the customers directly.
      • With JobFlex, you can run reports quickly and review the people who haven’t paid for the services. It is available on the Android platform so you can download the app on the Google Play store.

      3) Angie’s List 

       best handyman apps for android

      • It is available on both Android and iOS. It is a great app to market your handyman business. You can easily list your work on Angie’s List via the app so that customers can find you easily. 
      • It comes with a price guide tool that helps you correctly price your services for a particular area.
      • You can get real customer reviews for your services.
      • Get to know various tips for home improvement projects.

      4) Dewalt Mobile Pro

       best handyman apps solutions

      With this app, you can make calculations with a few clicks. This app comes with a reference tool and resource materials and construction information for your reference. This can help you get calculations right and answer customer’s questions with ease. 

      Additional features:

      • Functional calculator with nine free add-on calculations like area, length, volume, formulas for estimating studs, drywall and concrete slabs.
      • You can save calculations for the future.

      You can download this free handyman app from the Playstore.



      • The family handyman is a collection of tips on how a user can improve your house. It is represented in a digital magazine-style for iOS.
      • In this app, you will find a bucket full of tips on carpentry, painting, cleaning, maintaining, etc. These skills can help you provide better handyman services.

      6) Handy pro


      • It’s like an uber for a handyman profession and directs you to the job opportunities. You will be screened to make sure that you are fit for the required work, bonded and insured. After that, it directs you to the jobs. 
      • It acts as an agent and takes a percentage of the fee. the payment gets deposited into your account after the completion of the work.

      7) Breezeworks


      • You can automate various tasks like scheduling, team management, CRM functions, and financial transactions.
      • Apart from this, you can use it to accept credit cards and generate invoices.
      • It lets you port information to QuickBooks for accounting purposes.
      • Monthly charges vary as per the business, but a free trial is available so you can try if this is the best fit for your business.

      8) Dectar


      • It is a booking app with a user-friendly interface. 
      • It offers customizable solutions to its users like detailed tasker profile, job tracking management and unifies payment system.

      9) Nycrypted

      •  It is a versatile handy app with advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panel, and great UI.
      • It lets customers access more than 12 services with ease.
      • This app is specially designed to handle big data and architecture.



      As the name suggests, you can find a handyman in your local area by using this app.

      This app provides a full profile along with the profile picture of the handyman in their app, also any professional handyman who wants to join the online handyman industry can do so by registering themselves in the app. 

      When any user downloads the app, they can see the map with the images of available handyman on it.

      After finding the perfect match, they can text the service provider and discuss the details. 

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        After creating a handyman app for your business, you will realize how fruitful they can be for your small handyman business plan

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