Top 10 Handyman Services Apps and How to LAUNCH One

July 7, 2023 Harjyot kaur

Quick Summary: On-demand handyman apps have proven to be beneficial for millions of houses across the globe. In 2022, this market was sized at around US$ 339 million and is expected to grow to US$ 1.65 billion by 2032. Learn the top ten handyman apps and what it takes to build a handyman app like this.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are crucial in almost every aspect of our lives, including household maintenance and repairs. As a result, there has been a surge in demand for handyperson services, which has given rise to a booming industry of on-demand handyman apps.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in tapping into this market and established handyman business owners looking to expand their reach have a golden opportunity. 

According to a report by Future Market Insights, the global handyman service market size was valued at around US$339mn in 2022 and is anticipated to reach a value of US$1.65bn in 2032

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 handyman services apps. Additionally, we will provide entrepreneurs and established business owners with an invaluable roadmap on how to conceptualize, develop, and launch their own successful handyman service app.

Whether you’re looking to compete with industry giants or digitize your existing handyman business, this guide is tailored to cater to your needs. Before we begin with the popular handyman apps, first let’s see how these apps work and connect users with local handymen when they need.

How On-Demand Handyman Apps Work?

Apps for handyman services are a platform that connects users with skilled handymen and other home-service providers in their area. Firstly, users download and sign up for the services while providing basic personal information like name, email address, and more. After signing, they can browse a list of verified professionals, view their experience, skills, and customer reviews, and select the handyman that fits their needs.

After availing of the services, the users can then make payments and provide feedback and reviews. The handyman application also enables users to receive real-time updates on their job status and track their provider’s location while an route. 

Here is the list of top handyman apps that you can learn from.

Top 10 Best Handyman Apps

We understand that starting a business or taking it online can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of 10 popular handyman apps to inspire your startup. Read on to discover what has made them successful.



Image Source: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is one of the top apps for handyman services, both for the users and the service providers. The app allows you to organize your handyman operations, like delegating tasks to the workers. A service provider can create a profile along with the skills, experience, price, and reviews. Once the customer wants to book you for work, the tasker will get a task invitation and can then bid on the jobs they want.

TaskRabbit has completed 4+ million tasks for 1.5+ million people by March 2022. It earns an approximate revenue of $244.9M per year.

Top Features of TaskRabbit

  • Taskers are rated based on the feedback from customers.
  • Same-day tasker service is also available.
  • Every tasker is listed after a complete background check.
  • It is best suitable for small businesses.
  • Users can chat with tasker via the app.


  • The service provider can pick the rate for work.
  • Taskers can choose the work that fits their skills.
  • The more skills a tasker has, the more they will earn.


  • No free trial for users.
  • Lengthy screening process with background checks.

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2. JobFLEX


Image Source

JonFLEX is second in the list of popular handyman apps. It is the invoicing app for a handyman business. It turns your quote into an invoice and saves you time. Not only this, it lets you send the same to the customers directly. With JobFLEX, you can run reports quickly and review the people who haven’t paid for the services. The quotes can be further customized by adding photos, logos, and other options.

JobFLEX made a revenue of $6,795,000 in the second quarter of 2021.

Top Features of JobFLEX

  • Measure quotes and sales performance quickly.
  • Create multiple invoices with one tap.
  • Regular reminder to check unseen estimates and invoices.
  • Works without internet.
  • Unlimited support from professionals.


  • Hassle-free and smooth interface.
  • Can create quick invoices.
  • Easy client management.
  • Great for small and medium businesses.


  • No desktop version.

3. Angi


Image Source

Angi is another name that comes in the list of top handyman apps. It is available on both Android and iOS. It is a great app to market your handyman business. You can easily list your work via the app so that customers can find you quickly. It comes with a price guide tool that helps you correctly price your services for a particular area. You can get genuine customer reviews for your assistance. Get to know various tips for home improvement projects.

It has approximately 7 million monthly users and more than 700 categories listed. Angi earns an approximate revenue of $1630M per year.

Top Features of Angi

  • Various tips available for home improvement.
  • Transparent and fair pricing.
  • Personalized solutions for all.
  • Free-to-use app.
  • Compare cost estimates easily.


  • Transparent pricing.
  • Highly-qualified leads.
  • Quickly reaches the hyper-local target audience.


  • Getting leads without a pro account is difficult
  • Sign a one-year minimum contract for advertising

4. The Family Handyman


Image Source

Another popular app for handyman services is The Family Handyman. The family handyman is a collection of tips on how a user can improve the house. It is represented in a digital magazine-style form. In this app, you will find a bucket full of tips on carpentry, painting, cleaning, maintaining, etc. These skills can help you provide better handyman services. If your business offers similar tips, then this is a suitable option.

With 11.4 million users, it generates an annual income of approximately $25.0M – $50.0M.

Top Features The Family Handyman

  • Various tips for improvement and decorating
  • User-friendly app
  • Professional secrets and ideas
  • How-to videos and step-by-step photography
  • Provides how-to instructions


  • Helpful tips and tricks
  • Step-by-step photography and videos
  • Various articles for home improvements


  • Not many customer reviews are available

5. HandyPro


Image Source

HandyPro is another best handyman app. It’s like an uber for a handyman profession and directs you to job opportunities. You will be screened to ensure that you are fit for the required work, bonded, and insured. After that, it directs you to the jobs. It acts as an agent and takes a percentage of the fee. The payment gets deposited into your account after the completion of the work. It provides various services like plumbing fixtures, furniture assembly, electrical and lighting services, and so on.

HandyPro has an estimated annual revenue of $216.6 M per year.

Top Features of HandyPro

  • Customize booking for the service.
  • 24/7 booking availability.
  • Read and compare reviews of tasker.
  • Flexible planning.
  • Easy payment process.


  • An excellent platform for connecting handyman service providers with clients.
  • A vast list of contractors. 
  • A good user base.
  • Smooth interface for easy use.


  • There are not many good customer reviews.

6. Urban Company

Urban Company

 Image Source

Previously known as Urbanclap, it focuses on creating a horizontal gig marketplace. It connects with consumers and professional startups, and small business service providers. The urban company lets the users find services based on location and budget. Further, service providers can list their services, budget, and location information so that users can easily find them.

In the FY 2022, Urban company revenue jumped 76.7% and earned Rs 437.6 crore.

Top features

  • Transparent pricing for services
  • Skilled and well-trained professionals
  • Complete customer support
  • Know the service provider before booking


  • No hidden fee
  • Easy to work with the app
  • No up-front charge to join or use the service
  • $20 bonus for each referral


  • Lacks good customer reviews
  • Some complaints regarding poor customer service have been made.

➡️ Develop an app like Urban Company and connect your customers with local handyman quickly.

7. Thumbtack


Image Source

Thumbtack is one of the top apps for searching for a local handyman for household work. Thumbtack is a California-based on-demand handyman services company. From home decor to household repair, furniture removal, house cleaning, and so on, thumbtack is an ideal app.

Thumbtack has an estimated annual revenue of $170.6 million.

Top features

  • Hire up to five experts
  • Organize an event by hiring makeup artists, caterers, and more
  • Book various services from the app instantly
  • Support online marketing strategies


  • Easy to use
  • Professional support at all times
  • Quality lead generation


  • A bit expensive compared to other
  • You need to pay per lead

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8. Mr. Right


Image Source

Mr. Right is another popular app for handyman services that provides several home-related services through a single domain. With 300+ services, it covers almost all necessary home services like TV repair, pest control, bathroom cleaning, etc. 

It earned a revenue of approximately $6.1 million. 

Top features

  • Reliable and verified professionals
  • Various payment options for users
  • An accurate invoice for every job
  • Customer satisfaction


  • Available for free
  • Comprehensive background check of professionals
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy to find professionals


Lacks good reviews by customers

9. Quickbooks


Image Source

Owning and running a handyman business can be a headache, especially regarding payments and keeping track of it. It allows the user to track all expenses as well as generate invoices. Furthermore, it also saves time and lowers the burden of taxation.

Top features

  • Available on Android, Web, and iOS
  • Manage expenses
  • Generate financial reports
  • Reduce tax burden
  • Create invoices


  • Third-party integration options
  • Strong features


  • Not good reviews for customer support
  • Can be expensive 
  • Fewer automation

10. BrightNest


 Image Source

The last app on our top list is Brightnest. It is responsible for managing household work that can vary from simple cleaning to interior design ideas. The app has a straightforward interface that makes it even more useful and attractive to its users. Further, it provides various tips to make household work more feasible.

BrightNest made a revenue of approximately $5 million.

Top Features

  • Personalized home tips
  • Reminder options for getting work done
  • Schedule time to try a new home tip or design
  • Helpful tips and articles


  • Personalized content to help users
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Helpful tips make work easy


  • Lacks good customer reviews

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Why Build A Handyman App?

Gone are the days when people used to browse the internet to hire a handyman, talk to them, check their licenses, and finally hire them.

But now, with mobile apps, customers can easily hire someone within a few clicks.

Whether someone needs to fix the leaky faucet in the bathroom or remodel the kitchen, they can get it done by hiring the best professionals from the handyman apps and the task done. 

There are various apps for handyman services in the market, and it has become a common trend these days.

Additionally, creating a handyman application has proved to be one of the most effective ideas for handyman advertising ideas and handyman marketing plans. It can take your handyman small business to the next level.

Startups and established enterprises are coming up with the idea to build on an app to bridge the gap between service providers and users. It is one of the best business plans for handyman service.  

 You can easily dominate the handyman business world if you get the right app built for your handyman business. 

Learn more about how to build an effective handyman app.

Handyman App Development And Checklist

How do you get started with on-demand handyman app development? The app can help you automate your business, pull in more customers and professionals, and boost sales quickly. But before you begin the app development, you need to be sure about the steps. Below is the checklist to build a handyman app. 

  • Market and competitor research
  • Identify your target audience
  • Create a business plan
  • Define your services
  • Build UI/UX of the app
  • Choose the features
  • Develop the handyman app
  • Test and launch the app
  • Market the app

Considering the steps listed above will help you create a handyman app that aligns with your business goals and enables you to achieve the desired results. Further, features play a significant role in the app’s success. Check out the table to know the essential features of a handyman application



Service provider 


User registration and login 




Service selection



Service booking



Real-time service tracking




In-app communication




Secure payment options



Ratings and reviews




Service history 




Service provider profiles




Availability management




Earnings and payouts




Notifications and alerts 




Customer support




Analytics and reporting



User management 



Service provider verification




App content management



Marketing and promotions




Key Takeaways

  1. Building an on-demand handyman app can help boost your business growth quickly.
  2. These apps can be personalized to meet the business needs and goals.
  3. The top handyman apps include TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Job FLEX, Angi, and many more.
  4. Your on-demand handyman app should include the necessary features to stand out in the market.

Got An Idea? Let’s Create A Handyman App Now

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Handyman apps can help your business with everything from cost optimization to making it easier to get clients to expand the business.

After creating a handyman application for your business, you will realize how fruitful it can be for your small handyman business plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the best handyman app?

Some of the best handyman apps include TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Handypro, Angi, JobFLEX, and The family handyman. These apps provide all the necessary services and features to their users.

Q2. What is handyman application?

A handyman app bridges the gap between service providers (handyman professionals) and users. It provides several services like plumbing, installing new fixtures, carpentry, electrical services, and so on.

Q3. What are the benefits of handyman app?

The top benefits of a handyman app include access to quick services, offers, and promotions, reaching a wider audience, higher ROI, instant feedback, and brand awareness.

Q4. Do Handyman apps are user-friendly for non-tech-savvy individuals?

Yes, on-demand handyman apps are designed with a user-friendly interface. These are easy to access for everyone, even if they do not possess technical knowledge.

Q5. How much does it cost to develop handyman app?

The cost to develop a handyman app can vary between $15,000-$60,000. Further, the cost can vary based on several factors like app complexity, number of features, platforms, and the development team.


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