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Kickstart Your On-Demand Food Delivery Business With the Getir Yemek Clone App

August 24, 2021 Giandeep Singh
Getir Yemek Clone App

Getir Yemek Clone App

The on-demand food delivery app business is increasing. Restaurants have no choice but to embrace the online model as another effective channel to deliver food even to loyal customers. Thanks to Covid, customers were unable to step out and began ordering online. The same customers are not accustomed to home delivery and are continuing. Loyalty to a restaurant has come down, and customers have started choosing a customized menu to their requirements.

As an entrepreneur, you would be thinking of setting up a marketplace for restaurants. You can empanel restaurants all over the world. You can then reach out to a global audience and order their food through mobile phones. You can then deliver the food to their homes.

Launching a white-label app

Now, to build the app, you have two choices. One of the choices is building an app from scratch and the second one is to procure a ready-to-launch clone app. Building an app from scratch takes a lot of time. The timelines can go up to a few months. After making it to your specifications, you might be surprised that the market has changed, and your key differentiators in the app are no longer valid. Hence it is better to procure a ready-to-launch clone app. The best part of the app is that the company that has developed the app will let you do a white label. The app means that you can brand the app in your company name. Your customers will think that this is your app.

On-Demand Food App Development- Getir Yemek Clone

Like any other food delivery app, Getir Yemek also has a three-sided marketplace. They are the customer side, the restaurant side, and the delivery partner side. All three sides have dashboards that the partners can look at. The marketplace also has a dashboard section that allows the tracking and reporting of each delivery and its issues.

The key features of the Getir Yemek app are as follows:

Real-time Tracking – The app allows the users to track their orders in real-time

Integrated App Wallet – The app makes it convenient for the users to pay for the orders directly through the app

Discounts and Promotions – The app allows a variety of deals, promotions, and exclusive offers. You will be able to create a variety of codes and send it to customers based on mapping their purchase behavior

Report and Analytics – You can easily track the progress of your business through reports, returns, and sales

Aspects to Consider Before Developing a Food Delivery App

High Competition:

Everyone knows the potential of the food app marketplace. The entrepreneurs know that they can empanel the restaurants and the delivery partner. The entrepreneurs also know that there are ready to launch clone apps in the market. They know that they have to focus on marketing only. There are thousands of investors who want to try their hand at this and develop their business. Similarly, to stand out in a crowded market, you need to make an effort to make your app appealing.

High Margins:

There is an increased demand in the market for marketplaces such as this. There are so many models through which you can make money. There are multiple revenue streams that you can choose from in each of the models. The margins are very high. You should pick a solid business model and strategy that will help you expand your reach and visibility in this regard.

Market Research:

Even if you shower your users with immeasurable discounts and deals, you can only enchant them for a limited time. You must provide something unique and user-centered to survive in the long run. Consider adding two or more capabilities to a fundamental function accessible in any meal delivery app to make it stand out.

User Engagement:

After a few days, your food delivery app may have a worldwide business reach. However, without user involvement, your dreams of gaining more momentum will stay just that. As a result, it’s critical to reduce friction between your user and your company. It is only feasible if you begin your company adventure with a small audience and geographic area.

Protect Brands:

Although this industry appears to be lucrative, it is not all rainbows and sunshine. Stakeholders have accused even well-known brands due to partial profits and business practices. To ensure the long-term viability of your app, you must have a comprehensive understanding of what each stakeholder receives in exchange for their services.

Food Delivery Clone App Development

What Is a Getir Yemek Clone?

Getir Yemek clone is a white-label food delivery app that delivers foods from various restaurants to customers’ doorsteps. The app is based on a popular Turkish food delivery service, and the apps are designed to help entrepreneurs reach a worldwide audience. Customer app, delivery agent app, restaurant app, and admin panel are the three components included.

What are the new functionalities you can try with Getir Yemek’s Clone?

Integration with AI tools

The ability to splice and dice data into meaningful insights helps the management make good decisions. The app can be integrated with AI tools and can understand the customer’s predicted Life Time Value (LTVC) and Customer Churn.

Integration with Mobile Wallets
Customers may not be willing to pay through one payment mode. They might have any one of the various payment options of might keep changing the payment modes. So, you should enable your marketplace to accept a variety of payment options . Get Yemek enables you with this functionality.

Chatbot Integration:
The biggest advantage of a chatbot engine is to identify the visitor and provide personalized experiences. Providing the users with customized offers when they visit the app drives business well. The chat engine can also provide 24/7 support in providing information and responding to their queries.

Integration with Blockchain Technologies
You will be able to enrich your user experience in the marketplace. You are integrating blockchain in your mobile apps s possible. The users will be able to trace the food preparation and delivery in a real-time basis. The users can get transparency in the entire delivery process due to the blockchain transparency experience.

On-Demand Business Models
There are three fundamental business models in the on-demand food industry . This business model involves the customers doing only the order. The app acts as a marketplace and accepts the orders from the customers. The order is then passed on to the restaurants, and the restaurants take over from there.

Order and Delivery

This business model involves the app being a marketplace and managing the delivery for the customers who place the orders through the app.

Fully Integrated

This business model involves the app functioning as a marketplace; the organization also makes a limited variety of food. The food is reheated in their delivery trucks and is delivered within a scheduled time.

This is a great moment for you to get into the food delivery business. There are a lot of benefits waiting for you with these integration services and tech stacks. You may apply additional hopeful attitudes to remain ahead of the problems, and now is the time to take the next step.


There are multiple app clones of the on-demand food industry available in the market. However, the Getir Yemek app has a few differentiators as features. The app has gained massive traction in the Turkey market. Entrepreneurs always want to differentiate themselves and offer something unique to the market. In these cases, a new app such as Getir Yemek can be considered to be unique in the marketplace.

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