Get The Perfect Food Delivery App For a Smooth Process Execution

That's why we have created specialized tools for quality control, real-time tracking, forecasting, and much more- So, that your business can effectively focus on delivering high-quality food products. If you are a restaurant, food manufacturer, processor, or more, we have the best-in-class solutions that fit your needs:

Our Industry-Specific Capabilities

Our software solutions are specially designed for companies striving to perform better in the food industry. We have developed hi-tech solutions with several features and modules for all the sectors of the food industries, they are:

 Key Features of Our Teleconsultation Marketplace Solution

Ease to Trace Ease to Trace

Account for the produced food items and track the on-time delivery at any point in time during the process. In addition to this, you can also track and create real-time reporting in the event of a recall.


Create customized and robust reports that easily measure the real-time utilization, performance, sales, and other data for precise forecasting.

High Quality High Quality

Producing high-quality goods to provide services that adhere to strict regulations, packaging requirements, and food-safety standards. You can manage everything with a centralized app to control your processes.

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

Monitor the performance of your critical plant equipment with real-time data direct from the restaurant. This functionality is designed to provide you with complete visibility of the process while enhancing operational efficiency.

Support & MaintenanceSupport & Maintenance

Monitor the performance of your critical plant equipment with real-time data direct from the restaurant. This functionality is designed to provide you with complete visibility of the process while enhancing operational efficiency.

Solutions We Provide

In a world full of software solutions, we aim to provide you with industry-specific solutions. With us, you will learn why many businesses choose ValueAppz to improve efficiency, transparency, and performance through each operation.

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Being the Industry-leader, we offer unparalleled resources and functionalities to the food industry. We support your market presence and strive to provide you with the required flexibility assuring a high-quality user-experience.

Efficient Execution System

Efficient Execution System

Streamline all the operations by connecting within the departments and execute various processes efficiently while keeping safety, regulations, and quality on priority.

Asset Management

Asset Management

We help you to maximize your asset performance with extensive yet preventative functionality and control costs by guiding you to align purchasing focusing on business objectives.

Stimulate Your Business WIth ValueAppz

Drive your prospects into a comfort zone where ordering food is more like a cakewalk with complete digital and synced delivery solutions.

Branded Solution

Restaurant App

Get a 100% customizable food delivery app that incorporates all the required features making sure to provide a strong digital presence.



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Cost Effective

Digital Ordering

We help you serve better. It is possible by combining your services with digital solutions to eliminate the hustles for better services.



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Launch within Hours

POS-Enabled Software

Standardized inventory management, analytics, employee management, accounting integration, and much more..!! We strive to provide you with all the required system solutions with a single yet centralized software system.

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On-Demand Delivery

On-Demand Delivery

Our professionals provide you with everything related to last-mile delivery and how on-demand delivery. We work to serve both the customers and restaurants for a hassle-free experience by solving the age-old delivery problems.

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

Our commitment is to assure high-quality and effective solutions to everyone belonging to the food industry. With that, we have raised our bars to help you save your valuable data on the cloud easily. Let's streamline your processes with cloud technology!!

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Order Management

Let us automate your sales process and manage everything from a single platform with our order management feature and related integration.



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Technology & Solution Architecture

ValueAppz relies on a robust cutting-edge technology stack, high customizations, and robust third-party integrations to power up your next-gen food delivery app solutions.

Technology & Solution Architecture

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We will make sure to provide you with an app that has:

  • 1. In-app Wallet and POS integration
  • 2. Real-time analytics and tracking
  • 3. Order scheduling and delivery updates
  • 4. Safe and secured payment transactions
  • 5. Timely notifications and a lot more.

Get in touch with our team to know more about the features and app development.

Answer: We will happily integrate the changes in the app as per your requirements. Also, our product is highly customizable, so it will not be an issue. The app can also integrate several verticals in the same flow.

Answer: You will automatically receive the notifications in your app, once the user places the order. After you accept the order, the request will go to the nearby delivery executives to get done with your order. Click here to know more about how our on-demand food app works!!

Answer: Since one more app will have to be launched professionally. The deployment time will take 3 to 4 days approximately. This will involve both the iOS and Android apps.

Answer: Well, yes, you along with the users will be able to track the location of the delivery executives in real-time. Additionally, this will be a live update that you can keep an eye on timely.

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