The 2022 Market Insights for On-Demand Food Delivery Services

Nowadays, most of us are familiar with the popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Like e-commerce platforms, these apps offer food delivery services.

In recent times, it has been observed that food delivery systems have become a successful idea, changing the face of customer expectations and restaurant profits. A few years back, people were not familiar with these apps, but over time, online food management systems have provided a new way of ordering food and enhancing customer convenience.

With the expansion of this market of food delivery and acceptance of technology, many start-ups and companies are launching their own restaurant online management systems. Food delivery apps have totally transformed the way of providing delicious meals to their customers.

According to the analysts, the market of global online food management systems will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 31.76% during the time span of 2017-2021.

Well, you can think of this huge market of delivering food by a mobile app by the fact that, according to some reports, it is expected that the usage of these food delivery apps will involve 44 million U.S users by the year 2020.

 On-Demand Food Delivery App Services

2019 Market Insights for On-Demand Food Delivery Services

The on-demand food delivery services are both enjoyed by the customers as well as the restaurants. There are many features that bring maximum convenience to users. This undoubtedly strengthens the trust of the users with the company. Let’s see what makes these online food delivery apps so popular:

1. A variety of foods and restaurants to choose from:

Food delivery apps provide a variety of tasty foods from different restaurants. You can order pizza, burger, meals, veg, non-veg, and much more at affordable rates. You can search for your favorite food item from your favorite restaurant or food-chain, and with some clicks, the food will be at your doorsteps.

2. Easy to use:

On-demand food delivery apps are becoming more and more advanced, providing an easy interface and maximum convenience to the users. You get all the features that an e-commerce app provides, like tracking your food, advanced search option, order summary, expected delivery time, and many more. These apps also provide customers a history of their previous orders.

3. Easy Payments:

The food delivery apps provide flexible payment methods to their customers. You can pay using net-banking, or credit/debit card, or cash-on-delivery option.

4. Coupons and discounts:

One of the most amazing features of the online food ordering system is that they provide its customers with a number of discounts and coupons from time to time. These offers can be applied to redeem cashback or discounts on the food items. Providing discounts and offers also attracts more customers to view your app.

5. Fast Delivery:

The primary task of all the food delivery apps and companies is to deliver good quality food on time. Most of the companies try to deliver food in the least time. Food apps also show the expected time in which their food will be delivered. This helps the users to order food earlier so that when they reach home, they can have delicious food ready with the delivery boy.

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    6. 24X7 customer support and customer care service:

    Listening to customer’s issues and giving them solutions is also an important factor that helps in the popularity of the company. This is because sometimes it may happen that due to climatic conditions of traffic jams, the food may not get delivered on time or any other issue, in that case, online food delivery apps provide 24X7 customer support to listen to their problems and give solutions.

    7. Reviews and restaurant ratings:

    Mobile food delivery apps also have a feature to show reviews given by its users, which further helps to rate a restaurant. Also, food delivery mobile apps show the best-seller items of a particular restaurant. This is very useful because sometimes it may happen that you may get confused about which place you should order. Then these ratings and reviews are helpful for the customers.

    8. Users can rate the quality of food and delivery:

    The food delivery apps also provide its users to rate their food and the delivery service. This helps the company to understand much more about the customer experience.

    While on the other hand the restaurants also get a more honest customer base which boosts their profits too. In fact, these food delivery apps and services have helped small outlets and restaurants to come up and boost up their sales. The reviews given by the customers help the restaurant to understand the customer’s needs.

    Apart, from this by using food delivery services, the restaurant gets an easy way of reaching people. Hence marketing gets easier.

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    Future of online delivery food services:

    Well, in the nearby future, it is expected that the on-demand online food delivery systems will adopt new technologies to make delivery faster and enhance the user experience. The food delivery companies might be seen using drones and robots for delivery to avoid the delay caused by traffic.

    It might be possible that in the coming future, food delivery companies might also work on other platforms like smart TVs, or smartwatches, etc.


    A food delivery mobile app can be a beneficial factor in boosting the sales of your business. By using an on-demand delivery app, you can enhance the customer reach of your business and develop a strong customer relationship.

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