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How UberEats Empowers Its Online Presence With Food Delivery Solution

August 2, 2021 Amrita Singh
Ubereats Clone App Development

Ubereats Clone App Development

The success of Uber triggered the on-Demand industry. Multiple businesses went online and drove their business powered by the Internet. The on-demand food delivery also began in a small way and is now grown. The on-demand food industry has grown over the last few years. There are at least 15 startups that have become unicorns. The on-demand food delivery business is likely to be around USD 97 Billion by 2024.

The triggers for the industry to grow fast are as follows.

  • Rising disposable income
  • The disposable income has gone up, and people are willing to spend more on eating outside. This trend has given rise to the increase in orders through the online app.
  • People’s choice of sitting at home and comfortably eating food
    • People want comfort. They would like to watch their favorite movie or spend time with their family and friends. They would also like to order the food when they are in the comforts of their home. This behavior change has also increased online orders.
  • Ease of getting their choice of food from their restaurants
    • The customers no longer need to travel a long distance, find a parking lot, walk to the restaurant, and wait to eat the food. They can get their favorite food from the restaurant of choice.
  • Personalized meals
    • The customers will add the toppings, flavors, and sauces to the food by taking their time to personalize the meal. The choices available online may not be possible in a restaurant.
  • COVID forcing us to be at home
    • COVID has changed people’s behavior because they were unable to go out of their homes. The lockdown has amplified the tendency for people to order online and get the food delivered to their homes.  

Major Growth Challenges Faced By Ubereats

  • Catering to the changing needs of customer preferences
  • Customer’s expectations are changing a lot, and it becomes difficult for a restaurant to have many menu options. So the restaurant has to understand the customer behavior and adapt the menus to suit the changing customer behavior. 
  • Expectation management with the customers 
    • The restaurants should also set expectations with the customers on what they will get. The customer expectations can be set by using the right kind of images of the food. The restaurants can also set the expectation regarding the delivery time and the quality of the food that will come when it is delivered home.
  • Varying market prices
    • The input costs keep varying, and it is difficult for a restaurant to maintain a specific price for the menus. On the other hand, competition will keep undercutting to win new customers. The customer gets an easy chance to choose a competing restaurant, thereby reducing the customer’s loyalty to a specific restaurant. 
  • Food quality standards adherence
    • The food quality on home delivery might not be the same compared to eating in a restaurant. Therefore, the quality of the food must be taken care of when making the food. You should also ensure that suitable packaging materials to be used. The adherence to the food standards will help the restaurant to keep customer satisfaction high.
  • Managing service delivery because of time constraints
    • The customers can order anytime when they feel hungry. Unlike the other on0demand industries, there is one big-time constraint. The constraint is delivery within a specific time. The customers can wait for a grocery or an electronic item. However, they will not wait for the food. So the restaurants need to maintain the uncertainty in the orders. 
  • The threat of more prominent players entry
    • Since the industry is growing, there will be a lot of competition coming into the marketplace. The competition will have lots of funding, and hence the startups need to differentiate themselves to survive and excel. 

Build App Like UberEats

 UberEats is one of the popular applications for the on-demand food industry. Lots of marketplaces are adopting these functionalities and are procuring clones to be on par with the app. The significant functionalities are on three stakeholders in the business and an admin board to manage the entire industry. The three-sided marketplace stakeholders are Customers, Restaurants, and Riders. 

  • The customers should log in/register, search for the food, choose the menu, make a quick order or schedule it, make payments through various modes of payments.
  • The restaurants should be able to login/register, upload the menu, choose the open and closing time, specify the food quantity available, and should be able to detect the delivery partner and pass on the orders to them. They should be able to receive and make payments using multiple payment gateways.
  • The delivery partners should be able to login/register, be notified of the delivery, should be able to track the location of the pick-up, drop and should be able to make and receive payments using multiple payment gateways.
  • The admin panel should help the restaurants and the delivery person track the orders and pick-up/drop location, delivery time, delivery status, and payment status. 

You can consider these essential features and can select the proper clone for your marketplace 

How To Build An UberEats Clone

You might have some unique processes that suit your marketplace. It is very typical for you to believe that you would want to build a solution for yourself. You might want to hire a team or outsource the work to another organization. You can be assured of getting the correct answer. However, the problem is that this method will cost you a lot of time and money. You will be a few months away before getting into the business. You also would need to maintain a technical team to support the changes, and it will be too much of a deviation from your core competency. 

So, it makes sense for you to look at clones of your favorite marketplaces. You can evaluate the clones for the features and take the ones that are closest to your processes. You can also look at the various other marketplaces using the clone and see the app’s robustness. You can even talk with the customers and find out how happy they are with the clone. You can get into business within a few days as these clones are ready to launch both on the web and iOS and Android mobile platforms. 

You can begin your customization as the software company that developed the clone will be happy to work with you on the changes. They will make the changes to the code as you will continue to make money on your business.

UberEats clone app

There are lots of apps that are built, like UberEats. The clones are working successfully in thousands of eCommerce stores or marketplaces. The UberEats clone app will have the majority of the functionalities that the main app will have. The functionalities are built constantly by the technical team of the clone app organization. The functionalities are also adequately tested like the actual app. 

You can procure the app after doing the due diligence. The company that developed the app will be happy to white label the app for you. The app will be hosted on the server of your choice. The white labelling means that they will brand the app for your company. Your customers will still think that you have developed this app. You can begin engaging with your customers and can build a brand.

To conclude, you can choose a UberEats clone app and have it white-labelled on your marketplace. UberEats have a lot of time-tested functionalities you can use. UberEats is a popular app that has been built based on customer feedback and lots of research. You can be rest assured that you will be on par with leading marketplaces. By using a UberEats clone, you will be able to save time and money. You don’t have to worry about stepping out of your comfort zone, as the time-tested app will take care of running the technology portion of your organization. You can focus on marketing, onboarding, and choosing the right partners to make your three-sided marketplace successful. 


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