5 Ways to Retain Shoppers through Your Mobile Shopping Cart App?

Each day, without really knowing the magnanimity of the problem that exists, you are losing money! Did you know that about 69 percent of the customers or potential targets shop on your e-commerce sites only to abandon their shopping carts a few minutes before sealing the deal?

Surprising right? Various studies across the world have proved that this desertion happens approximately 3 to 4 minutes before the shopping becomes a real purchase and if we further contemplate on the figures, for every 100 sales that happen, shopping cart abandonment leads to a fall of 69 percent sales. Cart abandonment causes online retailers a great deal of pain and trust us, the loss is massive than what meets the eye.

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A slow mobile app or website also acts as a catalyst to this act. Most of the internet browsers love speed and loathe the ‘buffering’ sign. This may be considered as a primary reason for shoppers to opt for a faster shopping site. Shoppers hate it when presented with unexpected hidden costs that are revealed at the point of payment. When shoppers are about to checkout, that very point is when additional costs appear, forcing them to abandon the shopping cart. That is one definite trigger point.

Your inability to display the price of a product in the home currency of the buyers (this is only if you are an international seller), this may also frustrate them. A complicated navigation also adds fire to the fodder. If the stats mentioned above are to continue for a longer while, a snowball effect is bound to surface; the richer companies continue to grow while the small and medium enterprises, start-ups, etc. are sure to lose in the bargain.

Nevertheless, there’s a way out of every issue, a solution to every business problem you may encounter.

Ways to Retain Shoppers through Your Mobile Shopping Cart App

Here’s my take on the five ways in which you can find a perfect solution mix to this crucial problem while developing mobile shopping cart app:

1. Avoid hiding costs:

Don’t hide shipping fees and any other fee that is usually hidden from the customers. This can convert a potential target into a lost one in a jiffy. Make sure that you maintain transparency with regard to the cost details. Every additional charge, fee or tax attached must be indicated while the customer is browsing the product. In this manner, you will gain the trust of your customer who will stick to your website than opting for a competitor’s website. A frank and sincere attitude in business is much appreciated!

2. Research the app:

The best way to sort this problem is by not giving this issue the slightest chance to pop up. Yes, plan your app story. Research and plan your app before you begin the development process. Think from the customer’s point of view and let a few of the target audience test the app for each and every functionality and feature. Knowing the relationship that the app will share with the customer is vital, to design and develop an app that can satiate the customer in every possible manner, you may communicate with these testers on a continuous basis to get constant reviews and constructive criticism. The optimum strategy is to take every precaution at the planning stage itself.

3. Simplify the navigation process:

Let me be a bit frank here; a complicated pathway is a major put off. A messed up checkout system can make anybody feel irritated given that none of us have the time to search our way out of a system that was created for our convenience! Too many questions, information seeks and a complex interface; the trio can cause serious damage to your business. A simple yet powerful user interface combined with a shorter pathway will help keep the customer’s interest intact. You may plan for some easy ways like tracking the user via a ZIP code to garner all the possibly needed data of the customer.

4. Convenient payment platforms and security measures:

One of the biggest steps that you could possibly take to curb such cases of cart abandonment is by allowing the user to opt from among all possible payment methods and ensuring their safety while making online transactions. Most of the websites don’t permit payment a ‘cash on delivery’ service, forcing the customer to go in for an online transaction. The lack of basic and advanced security measures or the customer’s lack of trust in the system may force them to abandon the idea of shopping via your website. Make sure that your customer is made feel comfortable about the online transaction. Secure the transaction via third parties for better authentication. Let them know that you have taken every possible step to help them complete the transaction safe from every malicious attack.

5. Keep them in the loop:

Connecting with customers even after them having abandoned the shopping cart can be helpful. One of the openly appreciated advantages of an app is that it enables one to send across push notifications and reminders may be sent via push notifications to customers who have abandoned the cart. Make sure that you do not employ this tactic for every possible item. Use push notifications for high-value products and limited edition items only and avoid verbal coercion so much that they may never return to your website. You may combine it with a positive factor, like a discount offer on the abandoned product or a promo code that may encourage the buyer to complete the sale.

These are five easy yet power packed ways by which you can improve your mobile shopping experience and reduce the cases of abandoned carts and actually, convert a potentially abandoned shopping cart into a sale. Make your customer feel safe and secure while shopping with you. Well, they deserve to be treated that way because a happy customer who hits the ‘buy’ button will soon be your advertiser to the world!

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