Creating an App like Uber – What all it takes to make one?

The meteoric rise of Uber has given hope to the dreams of thousands of people all across the world who want to do something of their own. The impact of the success that Uber has garnered as a business can be known from the fact that the question ‘What does it take to create an app like Uber’ has more than 5,73,00,000 results on Google. As someone who is into the business of app development, our support team is constantly flooded with tens of queries revolving around the same topic almost daily.

build an app like uber

Create an App like Uber

So, we are here with some inside out information on ‘what exactly does it take to create an app like Uber?

Understanding the Business Model

Before you begin dreaming of replicating the success that Uber generated, you need to, first of all, have the basic understanding of the business model they follow. Uber follows the basic business model to generate request/demand for a service online and then fulfilling it offline.

Now, this is where the most important question arises – whether you want to follow the same business model or do you have a variation in it? A basic understanding of their business model and what your business model is going to be is the first step to creating an Uber-like app.

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    Figuring out the business vertical

    When it comes to an On Demand Business Model like the one followed by Uber, there are certain basic features that you expect the app to have. These basic features include signing up, matching, scheduling, payments, tracking, notifications, and reviews, to name the major ones. So, you don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel when it comes to the back-end. Yes, you have to work on the front-end based on customization needs of your business.

    Costing for developing the app

    The final cost that you will have to incur for creating an App like Uber depends on two significant factors. First of them, as discussed above, is the business model and complexities related to it. The second important factor is the number and type of platforms on which you intend to launch the app. The final costing of the app will also vary based on the development team you intend to hire for the app. For instance, you can outsource your mobile app development to us here at ValueAppz and make an affordable choice.

    On a parting note

    In the end, it is worth mentioning that the entire app development process is centered on four basic steps. The first one is to discover the problem that your app is going to solve. Once you have that idea in mind, it is important to validate whether people really need the app. After you have validated the idea, the next step is to have a business model ready and test the efficiency of the business model. And, the last step of the process is to figure out the metrics of success such as customer acquisition costs over the customer lifetime, and more.

    The rapid rise of mobile apps has brought us to a scenario where these apps have become a staple in our life. However, before you get hell bent on developing an app like Uber, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the factors we have mentioned above!

    If you have and want to go ahead with the app development process, get in touch with our professionals here at ValueAppz rightaway!

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