What Should be the Cost to Develop App for Grocery Delivery?

The act of buying food will never fade away. After all, our ultimate survival is based on consuming food. However, how we buy food – will indeed evolve.

Grocery delivery was amongst the topmost profitable businesses in 2020. And, consumers will certainly continue to rely on grocery delivery apps in the future as well. 

As per Statista, “The market value of online grocery across India was over 100 billion Indian rupees in 2019. In fact, the market value was expected to reach 1170 billion Indian rupees in 2024.”

Market Value of Online Grocery in India

Hence, we can’t either ignore or rebuff how the grocery delivery world is evolving.

Since the grocery delivery market is hot, it is evident that a lot more entrepreneurs will invest in the grocery business in the coming years. Alternatively, grocery shoppers are happy as they are adoring the comfort and ease of receiving grocery orders at home.

Also, customers expect highly customized delivery services, which have somehow pressurized grocers to deliver the best, and nothing else.

The grocery delivery biggies, Amazon, Instacart, FreshDirect, and BigBasket are already personalizing customer’s experience somehow. Be it the ‘same-day delivery’ or ‘delivering groceries within one hour,’ they all have been exceptional with their services to sustain themselves in the grocery delivery world.

Hence, it can be tough to outlast in the grocery delivery world. However, a reliable on-demand grocery delivery app can be your rescuer.

Check this other statistic on the rise in the user interest in grocery delivery apps!

Newbies in the grocery delivery world are even chaotic about the cost to develop a grocery delivery app. For them, it is like jumping into a dark pool, with the hope to survive and win.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we conclude that cost is the significant factor that decides whether the business will go for grocery delivery app development or not. But who decides what cost will be incurred to develop a grocery delivery app? 

Certain factors do! Let’s talk about them.

What Factors Decide the Cost of Grocery Delivery App Development?

Grocery Delivery App Development

1. How Exclusive App Features You Want in the App?

Are you looking for an exceptional grocery delivery app with some extraordinary features? If yes, then you should consult a reliable grocery app development company.

But to give you insight, here’s an overview of some must-have features:

  • Customer App: Sign-in & sign up, profile management, search & filter, multiple payment options, product browsing & listing, e-wallet integration, delivery tracking, discount vouchers & coupons, delivery time slot, order history, push notifications, reviews & ratings, and others.
  • Driver Application: Delivery requests, map integration, apt navigation, push notifications, work history, earnings, reports, order weights, delivery time slot, availability, ratings, reviews, help, customer care, and location tracking.
  • Admin Application: Management (product, payment, user, driver, order), password resetting, add or edit app elements, run discounts & promotions, campaign management for email & social media, run promotions, offers, and discounts.

2. Technology Stack to Build a Grocery Mobile App

The cost of grocery app development may vary from business to business. Mainly depending on the experience, skill-set, budget, and knowledge of the grocery app developers. Analyze these factors while figuring out the cost to develop an app for your grocery business.

What else?

Take a sneak peek into the technology stack being used by your grocery app developers:

Technology Stack for Native iOS Apps in 2021
  • Programming languages: Objective-C, Swift
  • Toolkit: Apple Xcode
  • SDK: iOS SDK
Technology Stack for Native Android Apps in 2021
  • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin
  • Toolkit: Android Studio & Android Developer Tools
  • SDK: Android SDK
Cross-Platform App Development Technology Stack
  • React Native + JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Xamarin + C#
  • Flutter
Hybrid App Development Technology Stack
  • Ionic
  • Cordova/PhoneGap

The grocery app development will vary according to the technology you choose. But it is important to remember that app development is an ongoing process, that requires maintenance as well. Hence, the actual cost of building your grocery delivery app will differ from the one you may estimate initially.

If you are ready to build your app, then you must check out these tips to start an online grocery delivery marketplace platform.

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    Are you not a tech enthusiast?

    Well, if the answer is yes, then it might be difficult for you to choose the right tech stack. Fret not, we have got you covered. Just follow the process below to find the right tech stack for your project!!

    How to Choose the Right Technology Stack to Develop App for Grocery Delivery?

    There are different steps involved in choosing the right technology stack. Especially if you are on a budget.

    a) Technology Requirements

    • What is your project type? If it is a complex one, go for Native, otherwise, Swift and Kotlin can do the job.
    • Validate the idea first. If it is a start-up, go for a cross-platform approach. We recommend Flutter; since it is cost-effective and allows code reuse.
    • What is the time to market the app? For a faster grocery app development process, opt for a framework & language that has multiple readymade solutions.

    b) Business Requirements

    What are your business requirements? Is your business objective clear to your app development team? What are you trying to achieve with the grocery delivery app? So, before you plan to hire the grocery delivery app developer, make sure you are precise about your objectives and requirements.

    Five Steps to Identify the Requirements of Your Business

     how to make a grocery delivery app

    • Identify Significant Stakeholders: Commence by clarifying who exactly is the sponsor of the project. Identify the key people who will be involved in the project. In short, it is imperative to figure out the scope of the project, and who will be doing what for carrying out the project. Besides, for whom the product is being developed should be identified.  
    • What are Stakeholders Requirements? Find out what stakeholders are expecting from this project. What do they want from this project and how?
    • Group Requirements: To make it simpler, group the requirements into different categories, including operational, functional, transitional, and technical requirements.  
    • Document Requirements: So, after you have gathered all the requirements, figure out what exactly is achievable and what not. How will the entire system deliver the product to the end-user? Prioritize requirements, analyze the influence of change, resolve inconsistent issues, and scrutinize the feasibility of the project.
    • Sign a Legal Contract and NDA: The last step to figuring out business requirements is to sign the agreement of prime stakeholders and representatives. Carefully draft the agreement, laws, and policies regarding the project. This formal commitment plays an important role in business success.

    3. Size of the Development Team & their Hourly Cost

    What is the actual size of the grocery delivery app development team that you are hiring? The cost will vary depending on the size of the development team. It can be an entire app development firm or a team of freelancers. Considering the complexity of the project, you must pick your app development team.

    When finding the actual cost to develop an app for grocery delivery, consider the development team size and their hourly rate too. The cost differs from business to business. For instance, an app development company having experience of 20+ years will apparently charge more than a startup.

    Hence, the experience, knowledge, skillset, size of the team, and hourly rates do matter when it comes to finalizing the cost of developing a grocery delivery app.

    Note: To expedite the development process and reduce the cost, you can consult a company that offers marketplace app development solutions.

    4. The Location

    Another factor liable for identifying the cost of grocery delivery app is the location. What country are you living in? How do developers charge in your country? What are the development trends in your country?

    Indeed, it is fundamental to stay up to date about the development trends in your country. It will help you to make a decision.

    How to Finalize the Cost to Develop App for Grocery Delivery?

    Grocery delivery app development is a complex process. Building a reliable app is possible only if you are working with a certified on-demand app development team.

    Be thorough with the research when recruiting your grocery app developers. Furthermore, a good amount of time, effort, and cost invested in hiring a development team will decide how good the app will be.

    Well, with this, we believe that you understand all the essentials to start developing your grocery delivery app. Once the app is fully functional, you can watch out for how things are turning for you.

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