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7 Types of On Demand Home Services Platforms To Invest In 2024

December 14, 2023 Amrita Singh
Home Service Platforms to Invest

Quick Summary: Planning to enhance your business with an on demand home service platform or want to build your startup with such apps? Check out the top seven home service platforms to invest in that can bring you great ROI.

On demand home service platforms have become a necessity for people. From finding a plumber nearby to booking online beauty appointments, taking care of their car through car wash apps, and sending gifts through an app, such apps have provided everyday solutions.

If you operate a business in any of these industries, home service marketplace development can be a beneficial move.

Or, even if you are planning to venture into the home services industry? Then you must be aware of the importance of an on-demand services platform to help your clients easily reach out to your services, enhance your brand awareness, and promote your business services better.

This blog will discuss the top seven on-demand home service platforms that can take your idea to the next level.  So, whether you are a startup or an established business, this blog is a must-read to explore some fantastic ideas and strategies to make your mark in the home services industry. Let’s begin by looking at the impressive numbers of these platforms.

Why Should You Consider Investing in an On Demand Home Services Platform

Launching home service platforms that cater to the exact needs of the target audience has become crucial. From custom handyman app solutions to on demand beauty services, gift delivery, online pharmacy, and car washing apps, online marketplace development has helped people in several ways.

Home Service Market Size
Source: Business Of Apps

Did you know that?

  • 33% of users prefer to schedule their appointments over the phone. Hence, building an app is crucial.
  • On average, 70% of home service customers prefer to book services through an online platform.
  • About 80% of local mobile searches lead to purchases within 24 hours.

These stats prove that home service business owners must look into investing in an on demand app. On the other hand, startups can also plan to launch home service platforms to boost their services and quickly connect with customers.

So, do you plan to launch your own on demand home services app? Check out the top 7 ideas that you can consider.

Top 7 Home Services Platforms to Invest In

When planning to build your brand in the online marketplace development, you must look at all the industries. Once you know about all of them, you must look at what idea matches your brand goal.

Below are the top seven online home service marketplace ideas to launch your brand.

1. Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Every day, people face a lot of problems in their homes. From a leaking pipe to broken furniture, faults in the electricity wires, etc. are some of the everyday challenges. These problems will always be here, and people will need instant help from professionals. 

One way to ensure that your brand always solves these problems is through custom handyman app solutions. Did you know the handyman software market is expected to reach USD 5257 Million by 2030? This growth will be seen with a rising CAGR of 8% from 2023 to 2030. 

Building an on demand handyman app with the features like instant booking, transparent pricing, user ratings, and search filters can instill confidence in users looking for a professional. Your app can be a complete solution for homeowners, making it easy and quick to find and hire trustworthy handymen for several household needs.

💡 Want to create a handyman app that helps your brand grab the largest market share? Check our guide to know the complete steps.

2. Pharmacy Delivery Service

Pharmacy Delivery Service

Another home services platform to invest in is the pharmacy delivery app. If you own a pharmacy business, you would know the demand for medicines is rising. Also, everyone wants their prescriptions delivered at home.

So, the best solution is to develop a pharmacy delivery app. Even if you are planning to enter this industry, you would need an app to meet the customers’ demands and be able to compete with your competitors.

The reports have shown that the revenue in the online pharmacy market is projected to reach a volume of US$81.37 billion by 2028. The numbers prove that the demand for these services will increase even more. Integrating advanced features in the app, like uploading prescriptions, medication reminders, and real-time delivery tracking, can make the platform even more valuable and engaging.

3. Beauty Services

Beauty Services

On demand beauty service is another popular category under online marketplace development. With tech advancements, people look for easy and convenient services, including beauty services, at their convenience.

From booking an appointment online to calling a professional home, online beauty services have transformed the way people avail services.

The image below represents the market size of the online beauty and personal care industry across India from 2020 to 2025.

online beauty and personal care industry across India
Source: Statista

Developing an app should be your priority regardless of what beauty services you provide (haircuts, manicures, massages, etc.). Also, as an entrepreneur wanting to enter the beauty industry, you can create a home service aggregator app that makes it quick for users to connect with nearby service providers. 

Further, adding features like categories, search and filters, online payments, and engaging UI/UX can make your platform even more useful. For a better home service business expansion, you must market your services in a way that connects more users and service providers.

4. Car Washing App

The busy schedules have restricted people from doing their everyday tasks. One such work is car washing. Leading apps like MobileWash, Carvo, and Washos have helped millions of customers in the USA solve this problem.

The image below represents the consumer segment in this industry and the types of car wash services that the target audience demands.

consumer segment

Source: Dav Cap Advisors

Whether you are already in the car wash business or planning to build your brand, you must launch a home services platform like a car washing app. Remember to add must-needed features like scheduling, customizable service packages, and loyalty programs to ensure your users get the perfect solutions and services.

Hence, investing in car wash app development can enhance your brand awareness and help reach the target audience in the nearby areas. Further, providing all the necessary services through one single app will guarantee that each user is able to take complete advantage of your platform.

5. Dog Walking App

Dog Walking App

Another great online home service marketplace is the dog walking app. Convenient and trustworthy pet care services are in greater demand as pet ownership rises. For entrepreneurs hoping to get in on this trend, investing in a dog walking app is a great idea. Through the app, pet owners can choose reputable and seasoned dog walkers who can provide their pets with regular exercise and attention. 

As per the report, as of April 2023, nearly 63.4 million Americans own a dog. Seeing this number, we can clearly state that the demand for dog walking apps will always be there as people want proper care of their pets.

Features like in-app communication, real-time updates, and GPS monitoring can enhance the relationship between pet owners and service providers. A dog walking app can establish a niche in the pet care market by meeting busy pet owners’ demands and guaranteeing their pets’ well-being.

6. Fitness Trainer App

Fitness Trainer App

Fitness trainer apps are another excellent home service platform to invest in. With the rising health concerns, people have become conscious about their health but lack time to visit a gym or yoga classes.

The best part about fitness trainer apps? Anyone who provides personal fitness consultation, yoga or meditation classes, gym services, or nutrition advice can build this platform and easily connect with their target audience. 

The global fitness app industry is anticipated to cross $14.7 billion by 2027, ensuring that entrepreneurs have excellent growth potential in this industry. Creating an app to connect with your users will ensure they always avail of the services. Hence, you never lose out on your customers.

Another reason to invest in on demand fitness app development allows businesses various ways to connect with their customers, such as online classes, recorded lessons, one-on-one sessions, and much more.

7. Gift Delivery App

Gift Delivery App

Convenience is essential in today’s hectic environment, and a gift delivery app can fill this demand perfectly. With the help of such an app, users can choose and send presents for a variety of events with ease and avoid the inconvenience of having to go shopping and deliver them in person. 

Startups can take advantage of this trend by developing a platform that provides a large selection of gift alternatives, customized messaging, and prompt delivery services. If a gift delivery app has a user-friendly design, connections with local companies, and effective marketing techniques, it can become the go-to answer for people who want to convey their feelings through thoughtful and timely gifts.

Build Your Home Service Platform With ValueAppz

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Our on-demand home services app development services will help you create an app that not only brings customers but also ensures that you meet all your business needs and goals. Our groundbreaking technology, dedicated resources, and years of experience help us build the perfect platform for our clients.

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Home Service Market Size

Key Takeaways

  • These days, on demand home services apps are crucial for meeting everyday needs—from plumbing to beauty services—by providing consumers with practical answers.
  • Investing in on demand software increases brand exposure, successfully markets business offerings, and guarantees easy client accessibility.
  • Statistics and studies highlight the necessity for companies and startups to invest in on demand home services applications.
  • Handyman, pharmacy delivery, beauty services, car wash, dog walking, fitness trainer, and gift delivery are among the top seven on demand home services platforms; each provides distinct chances for brand growth and market relevance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the most popular on demand services?

Some of the most popular on demand services include car washing, beauty, medicine delivery, handyman services, gift delivery, and fitness training app.

Q2. What is on demand service platforms?

On demand service platforms are digital marketplaces that help connect customers with nearby service providers and gain quick access.

Q3. What is an example of an on demand business model?

Some popular examples of on demand business models include on demand handyman apps, online beauty services, car washing apps, pharmacy delivery, gift delivery, and fitness apps.

Q4. What are the benefits of an on demand model?

Some benefits of an on demand model include reaching a wider audience, easy and quick booking, referral programs to bring back customers, and connecting with customers through one platform.

Q5. What are some examples of on demand apps?

Some famous examples of on demand apps include TaskRabbit, Urban Company, Washos, and Wag.



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