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Why You Should Consider Launching an App for Your Home Services Business

July 22, 2023 Harjyot kaur
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Quick Summary: On-demand home services are the talk of the town. With people getting all the necessary services like beauty, car wash, dog walking, and repairs in the comfort of their homes, this market will only see upward growth. Learn the reasons to invest and how to launch a home services app with easy steps in this blog.

On-demand home services have become increasingly popular over the years. It helps the audience save time and simplify daily life. From handyman services to car washing, dog walking, and home beauty services, these services can provide convenience and peace of mind when life seems chaotic and overwhelming. 

With its demand increasing every day, it is an excellent time for startups to consider plenty of benefits for launching a business in this market. Right from cost saving to providing personalized services, apps for home services can be a great way to enhance customer satisfaction and boost your business’s bottom line. 

To invest in on-demand home services, you need to know what service is in demand right now.

As mentioned above, people are getting busier every day, and they hardly have the time to do household activities. Also, they now want to get beauty services in the comfort of their home. One good example of this is Urban Company. As per the reports, the online app for home services market is expected to reach USD 6396.81 million by 2029

Popular home services in the USA, like TaskRabbit, Washify, and Rover-Dog Boarding & Walking, have significantly benefited by providing online services.

But how to launch a home services app? This blog will help you learn everything about top home businesses, from types, and reasons to invest, to steps to launch a home service app.

Types of On-Demand Home Services

There are several types of apps for home services that your business can invest in. Based on your brand goals and objectives, you can choose the right services that will help you boost your business growth. Some of the top home services include:

1. Handyman Services

Handyman services are one of the most popular on-demand home services. Customers that use handyman services benefit from the ease of having a one-stop shop for all of their maintenance and repair needs. A handyman is skilled at various jobs, including painting, installing lighting, repairing leaky faucets, and assembling furniture. They use their skills, resources, and experience to do tasks quickly and precisely while also saving customers’ time and effort.

From small tasks like fixing a pipe to repairing furniture, people search for “handyman near me“, search for the prices, and book an appointment. Some popular handyman apps include Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Handy.

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2. Dog Walking Services

Nowadays, people have become concerned about their dogs. They do not want to leave them alone and want to ensure they are cared for even when the owner isn’t home. Seeing this as a great opportunity, several businesses have started to provide dog care services. These apps have seen a great response and have actually solved the pain point of their target market. As per the Zippia report, around 16,224 dog walkers are currently employed in the USA.

Therefore, investing in dog walking services is another great business opportunity for startups and small businesses. Some popular examples of dog-walking apps are PetBacker and Wag!

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3. Home Beauty Services

Not just the home tasks and taking care of their pet, people also look towards getting home beauty services at their comfort. People are investing more and more in beauty, and reports have proved that about 58% of Americans would not cut back on their beauty spending despite a recession. Home beauty services ensure the customer gets a great experience while the business makes a good profit. 

Some of the famous home beauty apps include Vagaro and StyleSeat. Building an app like UrbanClap and other popular brands can provide your startup with good growth.

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4. Car Washing Apps

The forth popular on-demand home services are the car washing app. Now people do not have to worry about maintaining cars. From basic washes to complete detailing with wax and sealant, these applications are a complete solution for car lovers. Users can also select add-ons like clay bar treatment and wheel and tire cleaning based on the apps.

A few good examples of car washing apps are Soapy Joe’s and MobileWash. Your business can earn better ROI by providing convenience and personalized services to car lovers through an app.

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Top Reasons to Invest in Home Services App Development

Now that you know about the popular on-demand home services, what could be the best possible reason to invest in these? Well, there isn’t only one reason for that. Below are the top seven reasons you should consider investing in one of the abovementioned apps.

1. Expand Customer Reach

All businesses look towards building a solid customer base. Investing in on-demand home services enables companies to reach customers outside their immediate area and cross-regional barriers. Businesses can connect with clients in many places and offer services that were previously restricted by physical location by utilizing digital platforms and mobile applications. 

percent of shoppers

The image above shows the percentage of people who ran a search for a particular service. The percentage also proves that people constantly need on-demand home services. 

In addition to increasing the prospective client base, this increased consumer reach creates new expansion and revenue generation prospects in underserved markets. Businesses can create a presence and connect with clients who might not have otherwise been interested in their products, resulting in greater brand awareness and market penetration.

2. Brand Awareness

Businesses have the chance to demonstrate their expertise, skill, and dedication to client satisfaction through on-demand home services. Customers’ positive interactions with on-demand services can make a lasting impression, promoting brand trust and loyalty. A brand’s reach and word-of-mouth referrals are increased when satisfied consumers become brand champions and suggest the company to their friends, family, and social networks.

Businesses can use technology and digital platforms to promote their brands by investing in on-demand home services. They may efficiently advertise their on-demand services, interact with customers, and convey their brand values through websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms. Potential clients can find and engage with the company more quickly because of this digital presence, which improves brand visibility.

3. Business Flexibility and Scalability

Providing offline services leads to many limitations, like specific timings and being out of reach for several audiences. Hence, the major benefits of investing in on-demand home services for businesses are flexibility and scalability. Companies may more easily respond to shifting client needs and market dynamics using on-demand models. 

They have the freedom to modify their service offerings in accordance with client preferences and business trends, ensuring that they remain pertinent and satisfy changing needs. 

This flexibility enables brands to adjust to changes in demand quickly, roll out new services, or alter current ones to maintain competitiveness in a fast-paced market. Further, the scalability of on-demand home services enables entrepreneurs to expand as demand rises. By utilizing technology and digital platforms, businesses can effectively manage and grow their services to meet a broader consumer base without incurring significant overhead costs. 

4. Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive market, businesses keep looking for strategies to lead the market and stand out from the competition. Taking the services online with on-demand home services is one of the best solutions for it. Businesses may adapt to consumers’ changing wants and tastes by investing in on-demand home services. Companies that provide convenient, on-demand services get a competitive edge in today’s market because of the rising need for quick gratification and hassle-free experiences. 

A report by Salesforce has shown that 70% of millennials, 60% of Gen Xers, and 52% of baby boomers have used on-demand services.

They can establish themselves as market leaders, gain a larger market share, and attract customers away from competitors who cannot match the level of convenience offered by on-demand home services by utilizing technology, streamlining processes, and delivering seamless customer experiences.

5. Adapting to Changing Customer Demands

Another reason businesses should invest in on-demand home services is to quickly adapt to changing customer demands. Consumer behavior is always changing, and there is a rising demand for efficiency, personalization, and convenience. Brands may stay ahead of the curve and satisfy customer expectations by providing on-demand services considering these shifting tastes.

Additionally, businesses may provide individualized experiences with on-demand home services. Companies can gather client information and preferences using technology-driven platforms, enabling them to customize services to meet specific needs. Increased customer pleasure, loyalty, and long-lasting relationships are all benefits of this level of personalization. 

6. Additional Revenue Stream

Customers that value convenience and are willing to pay more for services delivered to their door are drawn to on-demand home services. Businesses can charge competitive prices for their on-demand services, creating more money by utilizing digital tools and streamlining service delivery. This new source of income may aid in the company’s overall expansion, success, and sustainability.

US ondemand house service market

The above image shows that the on-demand home services market will see tremendous revenue growth, primarily through mobile apps.

Cross-selling and upselling opportunities might also result from investing in on-demand home services. After using the company’s on-demand services, clients may be more likely to look into other offerings and make subsequent purchases. For instance, a house cleaning service might upsell clients on extra services like deep cleaning, organizing, or carpet cleaning. It not only boosts average transaction value but also improves customer lifetime value and customer relationships.

7. Data Insights and Analytics

Businesses can customize their on-demand services to satisfy particular demands by using data insights and analytics to gain a thorough grasp of client preferences. Home service providers can identify popular services, periods of peak demand, and areas for development by studying consumer data. 

With this information, businesses can decide how to offer services, set prices, run marketing campaigns, and allocate resources to maximize revenue and satisfy customers to the fullest. The reports have proved that data-driven brands are 23 times more likely to gain customers

Additionally, data insights and analytics may help companies improve their operations’ effectiveness and efficiency. Businesses can improve resource allocation, efficiently schedule service providers, and speed up service delivery procedures by monitoring service consumption patterns. It can increase customer happiness, lower expenses, and more production.

Steps to Launch a Home Services App

So, are you ready to invest in an on-demand home services app? Launching a home services app requires careful planning and steps to ensure that you provide the perfect solution to the target audience.

1. Market Research and Idea Validation

Begin with conducting detailed market research. It will help you validate your app idea and if it fits well in the market needs. Decide what on-demand home services you want to invest in. Also, look at the strategies of your competitors and if they have not been able to meet any market gap.

2. Define the Scope and Features

Once you are aware of the market trends and needs, you need to outline the scope of the app. Further, list the features you want to add to the on-demand home services app. These should include basic features like easy registration to advanced features like personalized messages.

3. Choose a Revenue Model

How would you make money through the app? Choosing the right revenue model is another crucial step towards building an on-demand home services app. From commission-based models to ads, and subscription fees, there are several revenue models that you can choose from.

4. Design the User Interface

Design is a significant part of the app. It should be simple yet engaging. Choose the colors and how you would want the app to engage with the users. The design should provide easy navigation and let the users quickly find the services or features they are looking for.

5. Develop the App

After you have the roadmap for the app, you need to contact an on-demand delivery app development company. The company should have all the necessary skills, experience, and a dedicated team who works on creating a quality app for your brand and its services.

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6. Test and Launch the App

Once the app is developed, you need to ensure it is free of errors and bugs. You can run a test for the app’s performance with a small group of users. Once the app is error-free and you have ensured its quality, launch it in the market for your target audience to download it.

Key Takeaways
  • On-demand home services are gaining popularity because of their convenience and time-saving benefits.
  • The most famous types of home services include handyman, beauty, car wash, and dog walking services.
  • A solid customer base, better ROI, enhanced brand awareness, and business scalability are some of the reasons to invest in on-demand home services.
  • Some essential steps to launch on-demand home services are market research, idea validation, picking the revenue model, choosing the right features, and app design.

Build Your On-Demand Home Services App with ValueAppz

As discussed, you need a company with experience building on-demand delivery apps. ValueAppz has helped several clients in the home services market to meet their business objectives and goals.

Our home services app development services are designed to ensure that we provide quality work and help our clients get the desired results. From boosting sales to earning good profits, our services and experience will help you achieve it.

Get in touch with our professionals now, and let’s build your on-demand home services app.

how to launch a home services app

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the future of on-demand home services in the business world?

On-demand home services have provided convenience and speed to their users. This market is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years with a rise in the number of users.

Q2. What are the advantages of an on-demand business model?

On-demand business models are faster and cheaper. It lets the customers book their services as per their requirements, making it a must-have for the target audience.

Q3. What are the benefits of on-demand home services for businesses?

Some advantages of on-demand home services for the business include increased customer satisfaction, better revenue, reduced overhead costs, and enhanced efficiency.

Q4. What are the future trends for on-demand home services?

Some of the future trends for on-demand home services include increased personalization, integration with other platforms, and the use of AI And ML.

Q5. What are the different types of on-demand home services?

There are various on-demand home services like cleaning, handyman, home repair, car wash, pet care, and beauty services.


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