Top 10 Best Home Service Handyman Clone Apps to Try in 2022

Top 10 Best Handyman Clone Home Service Apps to Try in 2022

Handyman services are getting traction in the market. And, the pandemic has contributed a lot to accelerate the business.

  • United States Home Service Market size was valued at USD 105.55 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 1219.07 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 35.81% from 2019 to 2026.

Look at the handyman business trends here:

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In this blog, we’re going to help you go through the top 10 best handyman home services apps that are going to help your customer enjoy quick and seamless home services in 2022 (and even after).



  • Taskrabbit Clone App

Are you looking forward to powering up your domestic repair business while establishing a robust online presence? If yes, you need to develop a TaskRabbit clone app for your business.

Taskrabbit app helps customers get assistance around the house from a trusted tasker.  It allows them to hire a reliable tasker from handyman work, furniture assembly to moving, yard work, and much more.

When you build a TaskRabbit clone app for a business, you are helping people tackle all the tasks in their busy schedules. The app allows the service seeker to choose their tasker based on the reviews, skills, and price mentioned. They can schedule the appointment as and when they want and chat, pay, and tip the tasker using this reliable app.

If you are into such a business, we highly recommend you to built a TaskRabbit clone app to take your business to the next level today.

  • Urbanclap Clone App

Urban company has given a platform to both these skilled professionals and the users to meet at a reliable platform called the UrbanClap app.

So using this app, the users book an appointment with different service providers, who are well trained right before they list themselves on this app.

The best part about UrbanClap is the transparent pricing that lets users see the exact price to avail of the services even before they book them. Since there are no hidden charges, users know the exact amount to pay for the services.

Moreover, only the well-trained experts are available as service providers on UrbanClap, which gives peace of mind to the users when availing of the services through this platform.

The best part is that you too can build such a platform by utilizing the UrbanClap clone app services from a reliable app development company to satisfy the demand of the users for numerous services.

  • GoFantastic Clone App

The Mantra of the GoFantastic app lets its customer live, work, and play while they clean, fix, help, and take care of everything.

What does this everything include?

It includes different services like cleaning,  handyman, pest control, home organizing, waste removal, and more such services.

Moreover, this platform allows booking 25 + professional services in less than 30 seconds —  which is quite comforting and convenient for any customer. The customer can easily select the desired service on the app, see the exact price they need to pay,  and even schedule appointments for later.

Are you also into such service-providing business?  If yes Gofantastic clone app is just perfect for you.

  • Thimble Clone App

Business insurances can be a pain if you have no idea how it works. Also, it can be a time-consuming process for a newbie entrepreneur.

You need a Thimble clone app to make business insurance simple if you are into business.

A Thimble app makes business insurance seamless so that you can succeed on your own terms. Moreover, this app allows you to get a policy in 60 seconds without hassle.

The app lets you get general and professional liability coverage allowing you to pay monthly,  cancel at any time,  and even pause for 30 days if your business is slowing down.

You can even purchase an on-demand policy by the hour, day, or week. Besides,  this covers 120+ professions,  gives rated insurance,  instant certificates of insurance,  and monthly or on-demand policies.

  • Porch Clone App

If you haven’t heard about the Porch app, it helps move, improve, and everything included in between. It helps in moving, insurance, and improving your home.

This platform allows customers to compare quickly and set up movers, TV, and internet, and Home Insurance in one place.

We all know that moving can be stressful —  hence they help organize and manage everything by checking everything off your to-do list.

It is a personal phone service that connects the customers with home service providers to move, improve, repair, and do related tasks when moving.

If you are into a similar business, developing a Porch Clone app can help simplify your business tasks, establish a strong market presence, increase productivity, and help your customers get improved services. Moreover, the app allows you to track sales, profits, transactions, bookings, and almost everything in the business.

  • Housejoy Clone App

Another app for a variety of at-home services to simplify the everyday living of the customers, right from home construction to home maintenance, carpentry,  cleaning, appliance repairs, interior services, a salon at home, pest control, and numerous other services.

Housejoy app is a perfect platform that allows customers to book the services quickly and easily, avail hassle-free experience, enjoy on-time arrival and delivery, certified experts, transparent and affordable pricing,

The customer just needs to install the app, select their location, choose the service, add it to the cart, and book an appointment.

You can also revamp your household repair business and establish a strong market presence to keep your competitors at bay.

  • Fanni Clone App

Next on the list is the Fanni app,  which helps provide the customers with all the maintenance services their home needs. Service providers deliver different services using this platform, including moving furniture, satellite, painting,  mobile maintenance, cleaning, floor tiling, and many other services.

The customers can simply avail any of these services by installing the app,  selecting their location, choosing the services they want, and booking a reliable service provider to deliver the service.

If you also want to build a robust platform to connect reliable service providers and customers, the Fanni clone app will help you do so seamlessly. You can track both the service providers and the customers, manage all sales and payments in one place, and keep a check on almost everything n the business using just one dashboard.

  • Thumbtack Clone App

What if we tell you that you can create a platform for services like massage therapies, DJ, a landscaper, cleaning, house painting, fencing, and numerous other services?

Thumbtack app helps customers in hiring professionals for all these services. In addition, the app allows customers to find professionals and house services quickly to find the most appropriate one for their needs.

This platform helps customers save time by searching through hundreds of professional profiles that suit their needs. And one can get almost any service on this app —  be it a talented house design expert or service provided to clean their home thoroughly.

You can also create such a reliable platform for every professional service provider and customers who are looking for comfortable services right at their home by developing a Thumbtack clone app.

  • Jiffy Clone App

Don’t customers like it when small jobs around the house are done without any hassle? Of course, they love it! With the Jiffy app, customers can connect with certified professionals in their area to complete the job at transparent rates.

So the customer request the services, the app connects them to the professionals nearby, and once the appropriate service providers are connected,  the appointment is booked. Yes, it is that simple!

Be it home cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, decks, and fences services,  or any other service that the customers want is available at this app.

If you are into a similar business and wish to create a reliable platform for both your country’s service providers and customers, get a Jiffy clone app developed for your business now.

  • Joboy Clone App

Joboy helps in bringing the best of experts in-home and local services, lifestyle services, beauty and health services, repairs and maintenance, home sanitization, and many other professional service providers right at the comfort of the customer’s home.

The app is built keeping in mind the customers looking for different services on their platform. So they allow access to all the services from home repairs to technology services like domain hosting and website designing services.

Are you willing to develop a platform for such similar services? Or have you been doing that already?  If yes, developing a Joboy clone app can help you manage both service providers and the customers almost seamlessly in one place.

You can also build a similar app to transform the unorganized services sector by utilizing the technology, helping customers avail themselves the best services, and building a robust platform to connect verified professionals and users.

Handyman Clone App Market is Trending!

Online platforms that connect customers and professionals for any household work,  such as wiring, cleaning, carpenter, plumber, house cleaning, house sanitization, are in demand. The credit even goes to the COVID-19 pandemics, leading people to stay inside their homes and depend more on such comfy services.

Creating a platform that connects customers and service providers has become critical now. Being into this business, your firm needs such a robust platform now — and a handyman clone app will do the job for you.

All you need is a reliable and trustworthy app development company to support your business. And, when it comes to building high-end handyman clone apps, ValueAppz’s name will always be on the list.

We can help your businesses grow and build that reliable platform to create a better online presence now.