Why are App Makers not a Good Idea for SMEs?

App Makers, also known as App Builders have become a very popular name in the Mobile App Development Business. There are several App Building Startups who deal with Mobile App Development for Large, Small and Medium enterprises. App Makers or App Builders provide a do-it-yourself platform to create content-based native mobile apps wherein the user will have to take ownership of coding and designing.

Mobile App Development using these App Makers looks a promising solution but before hopping into this approach, you just can’t ignore a few inevitable questions.

What are App Makers? What are the Limitations with App Makers? What about the ownership of the Mobile App? How can I customize the Mobile App? What are the other options? Let’s answer each and every question and reach to a judicious conclusion on whether or not to go with App Makers for SMEs.

What are App Makers?

App Maker is a mobile app builder that can be used to build apps on Android, iOS and Windows Platforms. App Makers provide the user with a dynamic editor which allows UI Designing using their drag and drop feature. Further, the built app can be connected to Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to make use of Databases for storing data.

What are the Limitations with App Makers?

The concept of App Makers look easy and convenient from what they portray but when you drill down the idea, you are bound to encounter some serious challenges.

− Requires Technical Knowledge
App Making is a fairly simple concept for people who are technically sound and understand how technology works. But when it comes to a SME owner or a small businessman who doesn’t know a thing about App Building, it gets really difficult and complex.

App Makers require user to have some technical knowledge about App Making line Designing, Coding, Creating Plugins, Invoke APIs. If a person doesn’t know a thing or two about these then it becomes impossible for him to make use of these App Makers.

− Lack of Ownership
App Makers provide you with a Self-Coded Mobile App but they don’t provide the ownership. They keep the copyrights, code and database with themselves which creates ruckus once the App starts functioning. Moreover, if you want to make any changes in your App or Database, you have to contact the App Makers and they might charge you some amount for your own hand written code.

− Difficult Customization
You want a Mobile App that is easily customizable and which doesn’t restrict you with the number of times you want to customize your App. With App Makers, customizing your App is a colossal challenge as they keep the control of your App with themselves. For even the slightest of the change you want to make, you have to be dependent on the App Makers. In fact, you’ll be asked to pay a customization charge every time you customize your app.

What are the other options?

For a Small Businessman who isn’t technically sound and still wants to have a Customizable and Hassle-free Mobile App for his business, the Productized Mobile App Development looks the most simple and prolific solution.

− Productized Mobile App Development
This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of getting your own business app and website done. In a solution like this, it becomes easier for you to customize a pre-coded product that suits your business type and requirements. Since it is a productized, solution, it has a quicker turn-around and has a myriad of contemporary feature options.

− Benefits of a Productized Approach:
− Development Cost is very less.
− Zero Technical Knowledge Required.
− It’s a Fully Customizable Solution.
− Easy Drag and Drop Designing.
− No Follow-ups required.
− Provides Full Ownership.
− Customize ‘n’ number of times.

Whom should you contact?

Online Portals like “ValueAppz” and “RestroApp” are very proven and reliable solution providers. Here you can have your own customized Food Ordering Mobile App and Website developed in absolutely no time.

They work in a Build, Publish and Install approach. Select your own theme, background. Submit your solution to Windows, Apple and Google Play Store. These are only a few services provided by them. What are you waiting for? Visit ValueAppz and RestroApp and get your product ready and running quickly.

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