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Features That Make Our Fitness Solution Stand Out

As a leading fitness app development company, we focus on developing an app that is loaded with just the right features. Whether it's engaging the users or helping service providers manage everything easily, we cover it all.

Live video streaming

The live video streamlining will enable the users to take full advantage of live coaching to meet their fitness goals.


Users can pick and edit subscription plans using various options as per the requirements.

Rating and reviews

Once they receive the services, users can provide their ratings, reviews, and feedback that will be open to all.


With the custom fitness app development, users will be able to get quick updates on the latest offers.

Location Mapping

Location mapping makes it easy to find a nearby fitness facility, track outdoor activities, and plan working routes.

Reminders & Notifications, Activity tracking

With this feature, users will never miss important reminders, notifications, and activity tracking.

Calendar Integration

Trainers can schedule sessions, set reminders, and sync appointments easily within the fitness app.

Booking Schedule

Coaches can manage client appointments, availability, and bookings effectively within the app.

Profile Management

Fitness trainers can create their profiles and update the service or any other information when needed.

Online Live Coaching

The feature-rich fitness app enables trainers to conduct online live coaching for engaging more audiences.

Customer Reviews

Fitness coaches can easily get access to customer reviews and enhance their services accordingly.

Customized Fitness Plan

Trainers can customize the plan for an individual based on their goals, and the user will automatically be updated.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Admin can manage the users, fitness trainers, and each activity in the health and fitness app through a dashboard.


The app allows the admin to manage customer relationships and content within the app efficiently.

Finance settlement and payouts

From receiving payments and keeping track of finances, the admin can easily manage it.

Role-based access control

The admin gets complete access to provide different levels of permission based on specific roles within the system.

Analytics and Reports

Admin can also generate reports for various activities in order to enhance the business strategies.

Subscription Plans

With this feature, the admin can modify subscription plans when needed, and users will be automatically updated.

Gym Profile Management

The gym owners can easily create a profile and edit the profile information whenever needed.

Service Offering

With a gym workout app, the owners can list the services to inform the target audience easily.

Rating & Review

Within the app, the owners also get access to the reviews and ratings provided by their clients.

Subscription Management

Gym owners can manage and update the subscription plans for their clients as per requirements.

Appointment Management

From scheduling appointments to editing, the gym workout app enables gym owners to handle it efficiently.

Membership Management

Within the app, the gym owners can manage the membership of their clients as and when needed.

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Unlock Success With the Ultimate Fitness Platform

Our fitness app developers work with the latest technology, like Flutter, React, and Node, to create a fitness platform that works as a one-stop solution.

Community Features & Branding Options: Your Own Branded Space on Your Terms

Community Features & Branding Options

Discover the perfect fusion of community engagement and personalized branding in your fitness app. Elevate your user's experience by creating their own branded space within the app.

Earn What You Deserve with Our App Development (Become Profitable Quickly)

Become Profitable Quickly

Unlock your full earning potential with our fitness app development services – pave the way to quick profitability and sustainable success.

Flexible Payments & Engaging Features

Flexible Payments & Engaging Features

Empower your business by offering flexible payment options and engaging features with a custom fitness app development. Ensure that your customer retention rate is always high with the functionalities that solve the actual customer's problems.

Fitness App Mobile & TV Ready

Fitness App Mobile & TV Ready

Crafted to perfection, our fitness mobile app development services are seamlessly adaptable for TV platforms to provide a captivating and inclusive user experience across all devices.

Netflix for Fitness

Netflix for Fitness

Our fitness application development services also include "Netflix for Fitness," which offers carefully curated playlists and live-streaming features for an unrivaled fitness experience. With us, users can transform their workout regimen into a dynamic and immersive journey.

High-Quality Live Streaming

High-Quality Live Streaming

Our fitness trainer app developers never compromise with the quality. Empower your clients with high-quality live streamlining to experience the best.

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We are a team of seasoned developers who work at creating custom fitness apps that align with specific business goals.

ValueAppz Fitness App
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  • 200+ Experienced Developers
  • Pre-Integrations
  • Modern Tech Stack
  • Customer Data & Source-Code Ownership
  • SLA-driven Managed Services

What Our Clients Have to Say About ValueAppz

Explore the transformative experiences of our valued customers and how our services have positively impacted their business.

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Talk to Our Consultant for More Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: To build a workout app, you need to partner with experienced and skilled fitness app developers. At ValueAppz, our fitness trainer app developers are experienced in creating a fitness app that aligns with your business goals.

Answer: A health and fitness mobile app development offers convenience, personalized tracking, and accessibility to elevate your health journey.

Answer: Building a fitness app can take between 10-12 weeks, though the exact time for development depends upon the app's complexity and other factors.

Answer: Some essential features to create your own fitness app include creating a profile, subscription management, listing services, live sessions, customized fitness plans, booking schedules, etc.

Answer: The cost to build a health and fitness app can range between $15,000-$60,000. Connect with our team to get a quotation.

Answer: With APIs for data synchronization, you can seamlessly integrate wearable technology with the fitness app. We provide pre-integration services that will save you time and effort.

Answer: Yes, adding social features to your fitness app will enhance user engagement and accountability and foster a sense of community and support among users.

Answer: To market your fitness app to the right audience, you must utilize targeted social media advertising and influencer partnerships.

Answer: Using strategies like competitive pricing, engaging features, user-friendly interface, and the right marketing skills, you can make your fitness app a success.

Answer: We have over 5+ years of experience in fitness app development. Over the years, our team has earned the right skills and knowledge to develop fitness apps for specific business needs.

Answer: During the entire fitness app development process, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will keep you up to date with your fitness app progress.

Answer: Our support and maintenance team is always available to look after the bugs and updates after the app launch.

Answer: To build customer loyalty using the fitness app you can offer personalized workout plans and progress tracking to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Further, offer the users rewards and a supportive community to keep them engaged and motivated.

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