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We specialize in transforming innovative marketplace concepts into successful realities. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience and expertise to craft a tailored marketplace solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Uber Like App Development at Most Reasonable Cost

Food & Grocery Delivery

Launch a leading on-demand ordering and delivery platform for food, grocery, meat, and daily needs like DoorDash and Uber Eats that includes Driver Apps.

Cosmetics & Baby Products

Be part of the fastest-growing eCommerce sector by launching a branded app and website to sell beauty, cosmetics, and baby products with highly engaging apps.

Flowers & Gift Delivery

Develop a user-friendly on-demand flower and gifts marketplace to provide a great experience for ordering and delivering beautiful arrangements.

B2B Product Marketplaces

Launch a feature-rich platform for complex B2B dealings that need negotiation, contracts, and bulk orders.

Uber Like App Development at Most Reasonable Cost

Home & Handyman Services

Launch an on-demand home services platform like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit with our complete solution, which includes a branded customer app, website, PWA, service provider app, and admin panel

Coaching & Consulting Services

Start and grow your Coaching and Consulting Services business with a highly interactive mobile-friendly platform providing virtual online classes, selling video content, and much more.

Beauty & Wellness Marketplace

Launch an on demand hyperlocal personal care marketplace providing services like beauty, wellness, fitness, etc. on your own or by aggregating the professional experts.

Events & Ticketing

Launch an events management marketplace like Eventbrite, Meetup with our comprehensive solution to host, market and sell tickets for local entertainment events, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Uber Like App Development at Most Reasonable Cost

On-Demand Taxi booking

Build and launch a feature-rich Uber-like service without much investment, offering a variety of cars, bikes or any other modes of travel.

Car Pool

Launch the most profitable platform, allowing friends and colleagues to offer a ride or get a ride at the most reasonable price.

Rent A Cab

Launch a car renting platform earning commissions on P2P transactions between the host and rider.

Hire A Driver

Launch or hire a chauffeur/driver at convenience for on-demand trips, whether for a day, a week, or a month.

Uber Like App Development at Most Reasonable Cost

Tours & Travel

Create a robust travel booking platform offering a variety of tours, packages, airline, train, bus bookings, etc.

Classifieds & Directory Listings

Establish a robust classifieds and directory listings marketplace that offers advanced search and secure transactions.

Vertical Marketplaces

Develop a vertical marketplace with specialized categories to meet specific industry needs.

Buy & Sell Used

Build a platform like Facebook Marketplace and enable people to buy and sell things the easiest way

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Who We Are

We Specialize in On Demand App, Startup Web, Software and AI Development Services

Our specialties in web, mobile app, and AI development services make ValueAppz a leading company to turn startup business ideas into quality software in the shortest time. We focus on creating state-of-the-art products for businesses across all industries.

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We are a company with a DNA of entrepreneurship, and hence, we value the time and money invested by our clients.

Product Development Culture

Product Development Culture

ValueAppz is leading the future of software solutions with an agile software development approach, industry-leading code, build management practices, and a dedicated product manager to turn business requirements into software specifications.

Product Development Culture

Pre-Built Software Packages

Get a diverse range of modular and pre-built software packages for common business tasks like CRM, inventory management, cart management, booking calendar management, rating and reviews, discounts, coupons, loyalty management and many more.

Product Development Culture

User Experience and Design

Our developers are trained in developing engaging UI/UX design to keep the users coming back. Elevate your customer experience with an excellent user interface and get appealing content with the use of Generative AI.

Product Development Culture

Low-Code App Development

We combine industry-leading code and build management practices for a rapid application development approach along with a dedicated SCRUM. Get a low-code software that aligns with your business specifications.

Product Development Culture

Data Analysis and Localization

Gain intensive business insights with robust data analytics and framework. Get a well-defined localization framework for language, currency, taxation, and more.

Product Development Culture

Cutting-Edge Technology

Get a leading tech stack to provide comprehensive support, seamless integration, and enhanced sales. Also leverage the power of modern technology like AWS, MERN, and Flutter. Further, get AI-led efficient coding and testing for quality apps.

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Pre-Integration With Industry-Leading
Platforms to Save Your Time

Our custom on demand software development services focuses on saving time and providing the most value to the clients.

Communication and Marketing

Marketing Automation platforms like WebEngage, MoEngage, OneSignal SMS, Email, and WhatsApp integrations with Twilio, Sendgrid, and more Social Media integrations Intelligent chatbot integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Every business differs from another and so do the services. Therefore, the estimated cost for building an on-demand delivery app may vary depending on your business, requirements, and services. However, if you still want to know the exact amount, all you need to do is - get in touch with our experts share your ideas get an estimation. Click here to get in touch.

Answer: We utilize advanced techniques to secure your app. Our code is secure, tested multiple times, updated and patched multiple times to make your apps secure. We use high level authentication and data encryption to ensure the high-end security of your on-demand apps.

Answer: Using ValueAppz, you can build your on-demand business app within days. In case, you need more customization, we will analyze your requirements and get back to you with a quote within a day.

Answer: Yes, we can. With a decent amount of knowledge and experience in website to app porting. We have a highly reliable team of developers, who understands everything that it takes to build a fully functional app based on your website.

Answer: Yes, we do. You can contact our experts anytime for any of your development-related concerns and queries. The support is not only during the development process but also after the development process is over.

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