All in one Solution


Social Login

Let users log in using their google, facebook, or twitter account.

Mobile Number Verification

Let users verify their phone numbers while logging in.

Live Tracking

Let users do real-time tracking.

Instant Booking

Let users book an appointment with a tap of a button.

Booking History

Let users see the details of their past bookings.

Beautician Checks

Ensure user that the beauticians are certified.

Rating & Reviews

Let users rate and review the beauticians for the services.

Cost Estimates

Users can see the estimated cost before booking a service.


Let users notify local authorities/personal contacts in case of emergencies.


Let users schedule a salon service in advance.

Multiple Payment Options

Let users pay via credit card, debit card, or in-app wallets.

Real-time ETA

Let users get the ETA in real-time.


Salon professionals can keep track of their daily, weekly, or monthly earning details.


Salon professionals can also use the SOS button in case of emergencies.

Availability Button

Beauticians can mark available or not on tap of a button.


Salon professionals can accept or decline the service request.

Service Information

Salon professionals can see the information at the end of the makeover.


Salon professionals can navigate to customer's location and destination easily.

Rate Customer

Salon professionals can rate customers accordingly.

Manage Provider Staff Schedule

Service owner can manage the staff’s schedule and decide work hours.

Manage Staff

Manage the staff; giving the business service owner full control.

Manage Clients

Manage your clients, monitor and check their reviews and their service session history.

Track staff

Track your members in real time as long as they are on duty.

Manage Dispatching

Assign different areas to specific dispatchers or create new ones.

Manage Beauty Categories

Manage beauty and salon services you want to provide.

Analytics and Reporting

Analyze the productivity of service staff members.

Book For Friends

Allow customers to book services for others.

Manage Refunds

Attend to queries from users on the platform.

Book Later Settings

Manage the scheduled service settings, when the staff member will be assigned.

SMS Alerts and Notifications

Configure when the notification will be sent to the customer.


A quick feature to launch in multiple regions in one go and accept payment in different currencies.

Number Masking

Disables the number sharing when the customer contacts the service provider or vice versa.

Business Profile

Serving owners by providing control over all of their members’ services.

VoIP Calls

When this feature is active, it allows customers to call through VoIP software instead of phone network.

In-app chat

Allows customer and service provider to chat without closing the app.

Service member subscription

The business owner can charge subscription fee from the provider with this feature.

Web App

Allows your customers to book a service using web app.


Mark the boundaries; set service pricing, available service types in a particular area.

Team Management

Build a team and allocate a manager to let them handle their time zone.

Calendar integration

Integrate the calendar to manage scheduled services.

Sucess story

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Facelift India has been founded with a vision of expanding entrepreneurship and hiring best, creative talent across all locales of the nation. We strive to empower women and that talented pool of individuals who thrive and work hard to making a successful career in Beauty & Cosmetology Service industry. The idea revolves around generating 100000 job opportunities by year 2020 and offering quality beauty services at one’s doorstep – like never before.

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  • Accept Incoming bookings
  • Receive Customer Feedback
  • Analysis
  • Customer Management
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Payment Options
  • Reviews
  • Help & Support

Why Choose Valueappz?

Aggressive yet effective pricing

We offer dynamic pricing for your business requirements to create a perfect balance of innovation and investment. Get benefits of SaaS with our custom built solutions.

Idiosyncratic market competence

Apart from empowering a multitude of markets and business models, our experience has got us covered across the globe. Our contribution has led to startup growth and enterprise stability for a myriad of companies.

Unrivaled support

Valueappz provides you with all the support, assistance and guidance at any point of time you need, in case of both pre-launch and post launch

Scalable Solutions

We offer you the tailored solution whether you are a bootstrapped startup or an established enterprise in terms of SaaS to a complete customized solution.

Tech Stacks

Programming Languages

Java for Android, Kotlin


Android SDK, Android NDK


Android Studio, Eclipse


Android Lollipop, Marshmallow


Sketch, Photoshop

Database Engine

SQLite, Active Android

Testing/ Debugging

Emulator, Testlabs

Programming Languages

Swift, Objective C


iOS SDK, iOS Native Dev Kit




iOS 8.0-11.5


Sketch, Photoshop

Database Engine

SQLite, Core Data

Testing/ Debugging

Emulator, Testlabs

Programming Languages



React Native


Atom, Sublime text, Bracket, Visual Studio


Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo(up to 8.1), iOS 8.0 to iOS 11.5


Photoshop, Sketch

Database Engine

SQLite, Core Data

Testing/ Debugging

Emulator, Google Chrome debugger

Programming Languages

JavaScript, Swift, Ruby, Python, PHP


NodeJS, ReactJS, ReactNative


X Code Swift (iOS)


HTML, AngularJS

Database Engine and Videos

MS SQL, My SQL, Mongo DB

Testing/ Debugging


Unmatched Benefits

Dynamic and Whitelabel

A whitelabel product is a quick solution for the faster growth of your business that can be customized visually. It’s a ready to use software that can be used to establish a business identity via over the top branding on the platform.

Installation on your selected server

We are there to install your solution on the server you choose: cloud, shared or hosted. It’s never a milestone if you don’t have access to a server as we can deploy the same on our dedicated server with only a little fee.

Different Payment Gateways

The integration is simple and hassle free for multiple payment gateways. In case you wish to integrate the most commonly used Paypal or our recommended Stripe, even Uber’s Braintree or any payment gateway of your choice.

Robust and Scalable

A potential start with as little as a dozen of service providers and the user count in hundreds will emerge to involve numerous providers and number of users in thousands across several regions. We provide a solution which is scalable and robust.

Multiple Support Options

In order to avoid the risk of losing your providers and customers, you must be available to support them at all times. We have got you covered as a client at every point in time.

Market in no time

With the minimum modifications in the ready to use base solution along with negligible coding, we can provide the solution to you with over the top customizations. As a result, you have the fastest time to market.

How Valueappz contributes to your growth

Increase Efficiency

For the smooth operations of your business, you will have efficient bookings, scheduling, appointments, automation and tracking. Trimming down the inefficiencies and automating provider routes cut costs by up to 40% and makes your investment valuable.

Last-mile Service Delivery

The last mile is the final delivery of services to an end user and is the most expensive for any business. The local based features and the technical infrastructure of Valueappz easily manages the last mile for your business that saves you a lot of money and time.

Wise Use of Data

Valueappz accounts for the future in the generation of Big Data. We have our efforts invested in generation of more and more data. It’s far more than we can review in the present. We use data analytics to leverage the data and make informed business decisions for exponential growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:These will be the features your uber like app will have –

  • Access to Real-time tracking
  • In-app Wallet feature
  • Proper Scheduling Option
  • Secure payment transactions facility
  • SOS Alerts
  • Notifications & Messages
  • For more features get in touch with us

Answer: We develop both native and hybrid apps. For native apps, we use Swift and Java. While for Hybrid apps, we use React Native. We use Mean as our tech stack.

Answer: We offer both custom solutions as well as a SaaS-based solution. In case, if you choose a custom solution, we will transfer the source code at the end of project completion.

Answer:Yes, your app can support multiple languages.

Answer: The app supports Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, PayFort, PayU, and few other payment gateways. Also, we can integrate any payment gateway as long as they have open APIs.

Answer: We are glad to hear this. We want to be your technical partners on this journey. Kindly drop your details in the contact form or chat option, and we will get back to you ASAP.