How to Build an Effective On-Demand Handyman Application to Beat Your Competitors in 2023?

“A robust on-demand app results help you be visible to your customers 24×7, deliver value to your customers, build brand recognition, beat the competition, and build customer loyalty.”

Hence, you don’t have any good reason not to have a reliable app for your business. 

?? Before anything else, just look at these mobile app trends: 


    • Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. 
    • App Store has almost 1.96 million apps available for download. 
    • Google Play Store has 2.89 million apps available for downloads. 
    • 49% of people open any app nearly more than 11 times a day.
    • 21% of millennials open an app more than 50 times a day. 
  • The average smartphone owner uses 10 apps per day and almost 30 apps every month. 


Mobile app revenues 2014-2023 | Statista


Note: To develop a high-end handyman app for your business, you first need to analyze a few things in your business. Simply put, you need to prepare a base for your business to shape it in the form of an app to reach your target market. 


After seeing the trends, it is clear that businesses are relying on apps — and every businessman must think about having one. 

But, there are a few things you must know before building one for your handyman business. 

Here’s the list of certain factors that you need to consider before building your handyman business app:

Certain Factors to Consider For Your Handyman Business (BEFORE YOU BUILD AN APP)

  • Get the Plan Ready 

A successful on-demand handyman app development begins with a solid plan. Because without a solid plan, it would be just like a trip with no destination, which can be fun but eventually lead you to nowhere. 

Hence, having a solid plan is a must!

Begin by understanding what you want to achieve with your on-demand handyman app. What are the goals and purpose behind developing one? And, most importantly, how it will simplify the experience for the targeted audience.

You may ask yourself some questions, like:

  • What is the objective of building this handyman app?
  • How much money will I need to make it? 
  • What target audience am I supposed to reach?
  • What kind of work should I be doing through this platform?
  • Finally, how much time will I invest in the development of this app? 

Once you have answers to these questions, you can proceed with reviewing your business plan. Also, remember, there is always a scope of modification in the business plan (except for the main business idea). 

  • Understand the legislation of your area

You don’t want to damage the reputation of your organization, right? Hence, it is essential to know which services require what certifications or licenses, maybe, to operate without any interruption. 

Also, figure out any limitations on how much you can charge as a handyman. If yes, don’t exceed that limit. 

Overall, it is critical to understand that laws do impact businesses. And, you must know about the legislation in your area of operation. 

  • Competitor Research and Analysis

Another critical step is to develop a robust app that beats your competitors in 2022-23 and even after. 

Start your competition research and study the market thoroughly. 

You can simply follow this trick — Google searches the keyword ‘handyman’ and type your city name ahead of that. And, you’ll get all the results related to similar businesses prevailing in the market. 

You can study a few of your competitor’s things, like:

  • What services are they offering? 
  • How many prices are they charging for different services? 
  • What is their area of operation? 
  • Who are their customers? 
  • How are they advertising their business? 
  • What strategies make them unique and better than the rest of the competitors? 

Armed with such deep knowledge of the market and competitors, you’ll be able to build a robust strategy for your business. 

  • Pick Services Only After a Thorough Market Study 

In the initial stages of business, you might be drawn towards numerous business ideas. First, however, you need to study which one is trending hot in the market. 

Just look for the one that is high in demand in the market at that point. And, even you can do reasonably well along with your competitors. 

You can even pick a super-specific niche to be unique in that particular business. 

Moreover, you might be good at certain things, but focusing on one is what we would recommend. And, once you have enough customer base for your primary services, it would be easy to launch a few new and earn good profit. 

  •  Set the Prices Wisely 

Undoubtedly, a critical decision for any businessman ever. When building a handyman app, you even need to decide the prices that are suitable for you and your customers. 

However, these figures will keep fluctuating from time to time. Mostly, prices are fixed just for 6 months, and you can then modify it. Or, you can keep it constant like it was initially. The choice is yours! 

Most handyman businessmen do opt for hourly rates for specific jobs. 

Here are some points you can consider:

  • Consider how much time you’ll need to do this job, including all other activities and even traveling. 
  • Next, keep in mind the skills. If any job requires specialized skills, you can keep your charges high for them. 
  • If tools, equipment, or training costs are high, we recommend keeping the prices high for those services. 
  • If the services involve preparation like moving in furniture, preparing the work area, or even buying supplies. Consider all these as in your billable time. 
  • Do you need any license to do the job? If yes, you might need to pay the annual fee. Hence, consider the cost of maintaining credentials. 
  • Work on a Robust Marketing Strategy 

Proceed to develop a robust marketing strategy now. Since you are clear about all prominent factors involved, preparing the strategy that works will be easy. 

Look at your business from all perspectives — including the threats, challenges, opportunities, and target audience demand. 

You need to focus on pain points at first — because you want to solve the most painful problem of your customers. Hence, you need to figure that out first.

Then, you must think about possible solutions (in the shape of efficient services). 

After that, promote your brand name out there in places, including virtual and real life. Spend enough time to do so since that is a prominent task for your business.

Once you have all things ready, it is time to finally develop a robust app to begin your handyman business. 

How exactly should you build an on-demand handyman app for your business? 

Well, here’s the entire process to help you build an app that beats the competitors in every possible way.

How to Build Your On-Demand Handyman App Effectively (TO BEAT YOUR COMPETITORS)? 

  • Let Customers Find Handyman Nearby Easily

Your app will be incomplete without this feature. Hence, it has to be up there on your handyman app. 

No serviceman would walk or drive 300 miles to do the job. Or, no customer would wait for such a long time to get the things done. 

Hence, your handyman app must-have feature allows customers to find the handyman as near as possible. 

Also, it must display at least a few service providers and not just one. Therefore, the customers must see the alternatives with accurate details to pick the suitable one for them. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

Not all customers use the same payment modes to pay for the services availed. Hence, your app needs to have multiple payment options for a seamless customer experience. 

Moreover, it should be easy to use. No customer would want to get stuck with a complicated payment module that confuses them. Hence, the more the payment method is simple, the better. 

You must have the option to accept payments from debit/credit card, internet banking, or all other modes of payment. Besides, a trusted payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe is necessary to make it easy and convenient for the customers to pay. 

  • Live Tracking is a Must

Using this feature, the customers can track the handyman in real-time. Besides, they even get some details about the handyman to verify them. 

Further, customers even get complete reports about the handyman’s activities. 

Once the job is accepted, the user can easily track the handyman’s movement, and the exact time he would reach the customer’s place to deliver the services. 

  • Appointment Scheduling 

Your app must have this feature for those busy customers who don’t have enough time to check for bookings. 

Your on-demand handyman app must have an option to schedule the appointments. So that customers can book an appointment as and when they want. Moreover, they will not have to worry about going to the app again and again to check the availability. Just schedule the appointment and forget. 

Besides, your app must send them a notification to remind them about the appointments. It would help them know about the appointment, no matter how busy their schedule is. 

  • Keep the Prices Transparent 

Your on-demand handyman app must maintain complete transparency with the users. There must be no hidden prices, as that usually puts the customer off. 

Your customers must get a clear picture of the prices they need to pay. Besides, they must even see all coupons, discounts, and offers on the app (if available).

There should be no cancellation or service charge before they choose to hire your services. 

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

Users like to stick to the apps when they have something extra to enjoy. You must include the customer loyalty programs on your on-demand handyman app to ensure the target customers open the app again and again. 

Send promo codes and discounts to the users. Use push notifications to notify them about such offers and referral codes to attract more and more customers to your business app. 

Note: The best idea to know what a customer wants is to become one. You can download your competitors’ apps and see how they are operating. Analyze all features and factors that help them keep their customer’s content. 

The reason you must invest in such an on-demand handyman is that customers are utilizing it. They want comfort and convenience, and your handyman app can help them achieve that.

Besides, the end-user always appreciate such platforms because:

  1. They want to save their valuable time
  2. They need to save money in the long run
  3. Get easy access to effective services 
  4. Verifies both customers and service providers
  5. On-demand availability
  6. Cashless payment assistance
  7. And, most importantly, the utmost comfort and convenience

Don’t worry; having an on-demand handyman app for your business helps you leverage some outstanding benefits too, which goes like this:

  1. Easy to use and auto operate using high tech powered model 
  2. Businesses have the potential of enjoying higher profits 
  3. Higher revenue for your business with such an on-demand model 
  4. You could pick any service and focus on either residential or commercial services
  5. A robust platform for only verified customers
  6. Multiplies your revenue options, such as appointment fees, convenience charges, commission, and onboarding charges
  7. Works seamlessly 24×7
  8. Uses location as well for super quick and on-demand service on time 

It is a highly profitable model since both your target customers (service providers and buyers) want such a robust platform to do business. Hence, there is minimum to no risk of failing in picking any handyman service for your business. You just need to follow the right steps to make things right. 

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Having a robust on-demand handyman app for your business is a must nowadays. And, having it built rightly is even essential. 

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