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A Guide to How On-demand Beauty App works

January 15, 2020 Amrita Singh
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The internet is becoming a huge umbrella and includes almost anything to everything. It is easy these days to do things using the web and smart devices.

People like to get things done without putting much effort. Whether it be food or groceries, people nowadays want most products and services delivered right at their doorsteps.

At present, the latest and the most trending thing regarding salon services is the on-demand beauty app.

The idea of an on-demand beauty app is to pamper the customers with the best in class services. Such as in terms of haircut, makeup, and other grooming procedures at their home or some other place convenient to them.

The internet has raised the expectations of customers from businesses. Consequently, it is a duty or, more precisely, an obligation on the part of the business to meet such expectations without any loopholes.

Then only will the company prosper and thrive in the long run.

Besides, the on-demand beauty apps also allow salon owners/businesses to target a comparatively larger size of the market.

How does an on-demand beauty app work?

An individual can spot numerous salons by just scanning a market. However, not all of them prosper at the same rate.

Adding the concept of the internet to the industry of salon and makeup can provide a platform for all the salon owners to grow at a faster pace.

The owners can list their business online through the app and gradually build a reputation in the market by providing quality services.

They can create an on-demand salon booking app to inculcate the advantages of the internet for maximizing the customer base.

The cost of advertising offline is of little use, and using the same amount wisely in online marketing can help in propelling the success of business considerably.

Registration and Booking Process

The entire process of availing the service is hassle-free and user-friendly.

It ensures that the customer does not have to spend much time booking the services of a beautician.

The on-demand mobile app solution is easy to use on the part of both parties. One can easily book the appointment, and the business owners can confirm the appointment, depending on the availability of the beautician.

If not, they can simply decline the appointment so that the consumer can seek the service from another salon.

Registration on the part of the salon is also easy. All they need to do is, mention the services which are provided by them.

And, then the standard quality check is conducted to ensure the same. After this, the salon is ready to sell its services on the on-demand beauty applications. The admin panel is responsible for managing the working of the entire application.

From taking care of the listing of the various salons to managing the payment partners, it is just like the central nervous system of the body, as it is the control system of the entire application.

The same is the registration and booking process for the on-demand home services app solution.

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    Service Provider App Feature: 

    The following are the key features that salon owners can get from the on-demand salon app.

    • Receive and Accept Bookings

    The salon owners have the option of accepting a booking from the customers depending on the availability of staff members or beauticians. The owners can manage the workforce, depending on the increase or surge in demand.

    • Customer Management

    An on-demand beauty app also allows owners to manage customers in a better way and provide quality service.

    • Real-Time Location Tracking and Optimal Route Planning

       on-demand beauty service startup

    The real-time tracking feature of the app allows owners to track both the location and the work performed by their beauticians. Also, the optimal route planning feature ensures zero delays in commuting to the customer destination. 

    • Automated Invoicing

    Another major feature of on-demand beauty apps that is useful for service provides is automated invoicing, which helps to reduce the burden of preparing invoices for each customer. The app generates invoices automatically so that the salon owners, as well as the customer, can get the same without any intimation.

    • Customer Reviews

    The customers also have the option of rating and reviewing the service rendered by the service provider. A useful review and feedback create a sense of motivation in the mind of the owners to do even better. In the case of negative feedback, the business owner can get pointers from it and use it to improve their services. 

    • Multiple Payment Options

    Payment is the most crucial step in the entire process of online service. The application allows the service providers to choose various payment options for their customers, depending upon their convenience and ease.

    It includes debit or credit cards and other popular online payment options. It also saves the effort on the part of the salon owner to collect payments from customers.

     With such features, the application can make the handling and management of business easy. Hence, the b2b marketplace platform enables business owners to strengthen their growth prospects.

    Customer App Feature:

    At times the regular schedule can be way too hectic to manage the routine haircuts and other grooming procedures such as manicure and pedicure.

    Or the urgent need to get makeup done for a sudden party can pose a problem to the people. However, with the on-demand app for hair, makeup, and nails, anyone can book an appointment with the professional salon expert at the time and day of the choice.

    At home, hotel, or any place, one could get a makeover and that too by the best stylists. The urgency and need to be groomed can be varied, depending on the situation of the customer.

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      With the beauty salon app that works equally well on android and ios platform, one can deal with situations with ease by just booking an appointment with the salon for the particularized need and mention the time for the same. Below are the prime features that a salon business can get from an on-demand customer app:

      • Personalized User Account

      The on-demand salon app allows the customer to create a user account and get access to the world-class beauty and salon service with ease. The user can book appointments by just making a few taps on the mobile.

      • Filter and Search

      A salon business can offer a pool of services to customers. An on-demand beauty app integrates the option of filter and search, which allows customers to find the desired beauty service in a hassle-free way. A customer can either enter the name of the service or apply filters to access the desired service.

      • Tracking

      After booking the appointment, the user can also track the beauty professional on the way to the location. The customer can accordingly plan and get other things done before getting started with the beauty appointment. The mobile-based application also notifies the customer about any booking or the status of their appointment.

      •  Payment Through App

      Customers have the option to pay for the service through the app and avoid cash transactions. It supports several payment methods so that the customers don’t face any problem in that segment. 

      • Reviews & Ratings

         Uber-Like App for Beauty width=

      The customer can rate the service of the salon and provide valuable feedback. They can also seek help and support from the team of experts regarding anything relevant to the service.

      A business can opt to develop a specific on-demand beauty app for its customers. With such an app, the customers of that particular business can easily approach the beauty services offered by the business.

      Additionally, the customer app will let a salon business enhance its online presence.

      Some of the key benefits of the customer app for on-demand beauty service providers are as follows:

      • Becomes easier for customers to find their businesses
      • Customers can explore and purchase beauty packages directly through the app
      • Direct feedback from customers
      • Alerts & notifications for app users
      • Prompt help & support for customers

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      Admin Panel Feature 

      The admin panel is also responsible for taking cognizance of the requests from the prospective customers and working as a link between the service provider and customer.

      It is the admin panel that decides the display of reviews and notifications on the application. Through the panel, the experts also handle the customer grievances and provide the best possible solution to the customer.

      The admin panel is generally web-based, and it isn’t accessible through an app. Admin panel also allows to manage:

      •  Service Providers/ Beauticians/ Salon Owners:

      App owners can easily get information about the salon owners selling their services using the app. Additionally, it is also possible to remove or block a salon owner directly through the panel.

      • Service Requests: 

      Requests for signing up on the app, password change request of the registered vendors/customers, etc. are also manageable via the admin panel.

      • Payment Partners

      Integration/removal of payment gateways that vendors and customers use for making transactions.

      • Reviews

      Examine customer reviews and ratings for individual vendors/service providers. Remove any inappropriate reviews.

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        Benefits of On-demand Salon Solution

        • Avail Beauty Services at Any Place

        The urgency and need to be groomed can be varied, depending on the situation of the customer.

        One might want to have a makeup for a function, or it can be just a regular haircut, but the individual may not be in a mood to step out of the house.

        Also, it can be challenging to get ready in one place and travel to a different place to attend the party or function. The On-demand salon app can come in very handy in such scenarios.

        on-demand home service app solution

        • Time and Date as Per the Preference of the Customer

        To avail, the service from the expert stylists can be a bit tricky due to the unavailability and busy schedule of the professionals.

        However, with the uber for beauty services for hair, makeup, and nails, anyone can book an appointment with the professional salon expert at the time and day of the choice.

        The app vests power in the hands of customers rather than putting it in the hands of service providers.

        It is so because traditionally, the customers had to call the salons to get the appointment. With the app, they can just call the expert to get the things done as per their schedule.

        • No Compromise on the Quality of Service

        There can be several salons, but this does not mean that any of them is not up to the mark. All the salons listed on the app for beauty appointments, get there by going through a rigorous quality check.

        It means that the customer can expect standard quality service from the professional irrespective of the salon.

        It makes the app even more reliable and trustworthy amidst the customers, as they will not have to spend time filtering through the salons to look for the best ones. They get the best in class service, which is on par with the amount of money they spend. 

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        The Link Between Customers and Salon Owners

        The app aims to eliminate the gap between the service seekers and service providers. The presence of both parties on the same platform is bound to serve the objectives of both of them.

        The customers can choose from a pool of salons to get beauty on demand as per the preference. On the part of the salon owners, they can offer attractive prices and combination packs to attract more customers.

        The variety and types of service can range from a normal haircut to a fancy hair spa, from manicures to nail art, and much more.

        The idea is to bring the complete salon experience at one online platform from where the customer can choose the service depending on the need.

        One can look at one’s best without even having to step out of the house. All they need to do is access the on-demand beauty service app, and within a span of few clicks, one can appoint a beauty specialist at his/her place in a convenient manner.


        The products used by the professionals are as per the preference of the customer. The beautician can either carry the specific product as asked by the customer or if one wants to use one’s product, the professionals can work accordingly.

        You can also design a personalized package to give maximum discounts offers to your customers. So the flexibility in the packages and options makes it more consumer-oriented.

        The on-demand beauty apps have revolutionized the way of doing a salon business.

        Along with making it easier for customers to get salon services, these apps also allow businesses to target a wider segment of the market and increase their market shares significantly.

        However, businesses need to understand all the aspects of on-demand solutions before developing one for themselves.

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