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Tips to Make Your On-Demand Food Ordering Management System to Stand Out in The Market

December 30, 2019 Rohit Madaan
Tips to Make your On Demand Food Ordering Management System Stand Out in the Crowd

Smartphone applications improve our society and make it a better place to live in. This industry is a colossal market with 105.3 billion mobile applications downloaded in 2018 alone. 

Companies investing in apps have quickly come to power and are continuing to flourish, on account of their opportune interest in application culture.

In the course of the only remaining century, individuals’ dietary patterns have changed. Buyers favor getting everything conveyed to their doorstep. Most likely, this is one reason why eatery with food delivery apps are so famous these days.

In the present world, food delivery is a common need and a flourishing industry. An industry that has been changed with the launch of food delivery apps like Uber Eats.

New food delivery brands battle to get in a packed market and face difficulties while advancing their services. Driven by accommodation and demand, the food delivery apps in the US are right now esteemed at over $30 billion.

As a marketer, you should have a brilliant application, which states all the procedures set up and your app should also stand out. Make these tips the foundation of your customer retention methodology to drive traffic and application downloads.

On Demand Food Ordering Management System

Importance of Having an Application:

Before you hop quickly into the food delivery app, complete an itemized research on your objective statistic, rivalry, advertise substances, and patterns.

This will enable you to figure out and find one Unique Selling Point (USP) for your application to make it better than others. You need to be confided in a brand with a remarkable upper hand. Think about why all of a sudden are food delivery apps taking up 34% (the maximum share) of all the apps?

The millennial generation, the one which prefers texting over calling and staying-in over going out, loves being spoon-fed in this case, literally. Because the generation is over the fad of small talk and interacting, an application that ensures their needs will be met merely by touching their phone screen is a real win.

You can also lead millennials to your online food delivery app by offering them great features and amazing discounts.

Help your Image Stick Out

It’s difficult to lose all sense of direction in such a competitive market. So, it’s basic to think of an important name and eye-catching logo for the application.

The thought is to establish an immediate connection with a potential customer. You can also keep a good tagline for your brand so that you stand out. Remember, people who choose online ordering are basically looking for comfort and quality. Ensure that the application is extremely user-friendly, not too flashy, and to the point.

Optimize your Application Based on Target Keywords

When you want to attract more consumers, you need to add relevant keywords so that it ranks on the google posting. 

For your on-demand food ordering management system high traffic keywords like “food delivery,” “delivery,” “cafés,” “cheap food,” “vegan food” etc should be significant words for you to target. Taking potential customers to your app is a challenge. You need a convincing app which is great with its usability.

Search engine optimization works wonders. You want to be certain that whenever someone will type these keywords, your app will reflect in the top 10 search results.

What Should your App Feature?

App Highlights: Discuss simple to-utilize highlights like categories of cuisines or food type, in-application orders or categorization of restaurants through orders.

Give the customers the chance to directly interact with your app executive or a particular restaurant’s executive. It would be even better if this communication was text-based and had built-in FAQs or customer queries.

Application Benefits: Find the advantages that the customers will be fascinated with, like cashback on specific orders, etc. partner up with restaurants to offer special offers. Basically you want to reward the customer for choosing your application so they feel special and make you their default go-to “restaurant”

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    Of course, your application is also accomplishing the same goal – acting as a gateway between consumers and restaurants. The idea itself is not unique and has been done before. But you have to really make it your own if you want it to stand out.

    On-demand app solutions are a wonderful gateway and a newly discovered platform for the restaurant to connect to its customers and expand its clientele. If you can sign deals with restaurants wherein they offer special discounts, deals, items exclusively via your application, it could be a real selling and advertising focal point. 

    1. Customer Analysis

    Analyze your audience and weave your app accordingly. What is the public looking for? Cashless payments? Include online payment and banking gateways. Vouchers, elite customer status, special deals for using the app in-person in a particular restaurant. Try to make the customer feel like you have a bond with them.

    2. Branding

    The reason why Uber Eats functions so well is because it is a well-known & trusted brand. It is easy to transfer this credibility to a child app. If you are building from scratch, focus on branding.

    This can be done in multiple ways. Maybe make the delivery boxes + cutlery very aesthetic so people remember you, choose a color scheme or a logo that will stand out and be easily recognizable. To be specific, we are in a digitally ruled era, so make everything instagrammable. The people will do your promotion too.

    Decide on your brand values, a vision that you will adhere to and want to be known for. Loyalty from customers will only be gained if they can relate to your brand’s values and vision.

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    3. Fast!

    Nobody has the time (or energy) to reserve a table, wait at the restaurant to get a table, wait for your order to arrive while sitting at said table. Sure, it’s nice to go out once in a while, but it is not something one can do on a day-to-day basis. People want to plan ahead and not waste time.

    They want to order dinner the minute they leave work so when they reach home, their food will too. No time wasted! Make sure you give a decent speed to your deliveries. If it is above 40 mins, it will aggravate your customers. Do you remember, how Domino’s was offering a 30-minute delivery guarantee?

    Apart from this, you should give the customer the option to track their orders. Let them know the status, how much longer it will take, let them contact the delivery executive. This keeps them involved and will avoid impatience. 

    4. Push Notification

    Out of sight should not mean out of mind. Not all your customers are going to be the kind that just surf food apps for entertainment. On a regular basis, don’t make it look like you are nagging the customer, send them emails or SMS or even a direct app notification – inviting them to check out new deals, or redeem app money before it expires.

    The words “sale” or “special deal” or “xy% off” automatically invoke something primal in this generation – they will want to use it, despite their need.

    Out of sight but in the back of the mind is a very powerful tactic that you can exploit.

    5. Signing up

    This needs to be as basic and lazy of a process as possible. In fact, the best you can do is allow the user to sign in through google or facebook. Verify the identity and create their user panel automatically.

    This makes the process of setting up your app extremely time-saving. Allow them to add multiple addresses to one account. Certain basics;

    Search & Filters

    • Fast & Relevant Search
    • Restaurants & Meal Recommendation
    • Filters Like Veg or NonVeg Food
    • Search Option For Nearest Restaurants

    Checkout Features

    • Fast Order Placing
    • Cash On Delivery
    • Cancel Order Option
    • Easy Payment Method

    Tracking The Order

    • Real-time Location
    • Delivery Time Status
    • Users Address For Order
    • Live Location Tracking

    Payment Methods

    • Built-in Payment Method
    • Offer All Payment System
    • Allow Cash On Delivery
    • Easy Steps For Payment

    Review & Ratings

    • Allow Users For Review & Rating
    • Recommend Restaurants With High Rating
    • Faster Rating For Restaurants & Courier
    • Beneath Low Rating Restaurants

    Responsive Customer Support

    • Create Chatbots For Fast Response
    • Take Feedback From The Customers
    • Make Sure To Solve User’s Issue
    • Provide Dedicated Customer Support

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      6. Virtual Assistant

      Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly. Almost everybody has a Google Assistant or Alexa, if not, definitely on their phones. Integrate your application with these virtual assistants, such that they can directly order for the consumer.

      Or build a virtual assistant or bot in your own application which will take orders from the user, suggest vouchers or add-ons and also act in user complaints.

      This may sound a little far-fetched or futuristic, but you can also have bot deliveries. For instance, you can use a drone to deliver faster. The US market has flourished with Uber- drone technology as we all know.

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      7. Diets

      Even though society today has really leaned into ordering in, it has leaned away from fast food. That mostly constitutes a cheat day meal now. As people are getting more conscious about their well-being, make sure to include healthy food to your inventory.

      Certain people may have fixed diets or meals from their dietician or instructors. You can allow the users to register these meals while setting up the account. Ensure the delivery of these specially curated meals at the right time. You can also incorporate a nutritionist into the app in the form of an AI assistant.

      The real reason why people give up on diets is because of the effort required in cooking and cleaning. Always remember, your customer’s convenience is what keeps you relevant in the market. Make their life as easy as possible.

      8. Sustainability

      In today’s climate, both environmental and economical, sustainability is a real-world hero. Everybody is getting more aware of how their actions are impacting the world. Ensure that you use degradable and recyclable materials to pack and deliver your food items.

      Get rid of plastic completely. Also, use this for branding too, so, people know you are concerned and acting towards the cause.

      Help the restaurants in integrating with food waste apps. It will help you ensure that the food items are not getting wasted.

      9. Pets

      This may sound boujee but have two interfaces – human & pet. If one app helps the user order for themselves as well as their furry friends – you are winning for sure! 

      10. Advertising

      Use Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter – whichever social media app you can think of. Make punny, witty, trendy slogans. Make your own filters, themes, etc. Via advertising, you are trying to expand your reach.

      Even if only 5/100 people actually order from your app, you know that at least 100 people are aware of your app and will at some point talk about it to more people, use it themselves, etc.

      Millennials find it particularly interesting and entertaining when multiple high-end brands interact publicly on social media platforms. In short, use this to your favor and build a large presence.

      11. Food Bloggers

      Pair up with food bloggers, critics, writers, cookbook authors, etc to start a food-related entertainment show on your application. Or, hire them to review fancy restaurants and gourmet food and post their reviews on your app.

      But this forms a solid foundation to ensure your on-demand food delivery app is not a flop. Remember, the main focus in all of this is the food. The quality of the food, the quantity you give for a reasonable price, the variety of cuisines. etc. that is after all the main reason why your application will stand out.

      If you want to step ahead then get professionals to help to create an extraordinary app for your restaurant.

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